3 Solid Reasons Why Write Like Freddy Is Worth It’s Money!

3 Solid Reasons Why Write Like Freddy Is Worth It’s Money!

Write Like Freddy Guest Posting

  • Name of the product: Write Like Freddy (affiliate link)
  • Creator of the product: Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing)
  • What is it: Guest posting training program
  • Price: $137 (one-time fee)


When guest posting is concerned, there are few people that I instantly associate it with: Jon Morrow, Onibalusi Bamidele, and Danny Iny. They have shown that guest posting can bring great results and growth to their blogs if done strategically.

Back in 2011, Danny came up with a guest posting training program (affiliate link) and I was very happy about this. Finally I was able to learn his secrets and get real results with guest posting.

This blog post is a review of his training program, Write Like Freddy (WLF). Although it was released back in 2011, it’s still something you should consider seriously if you want to get results with guest posting.

So what are the benefits of guest posting?

I had tried several ways of getting traffic to my blog before, but I was never really that successful with them. What I had already learned about guest posting (before joining Danny’s training) was more than enough to convince me I should study more of this strategy:

  • Targeted traffic: I was able to get the right kind of visitors to my blog and to my landing pages. In other words, I was getting targeted traffic rather than “generic traffic”, which wouldn’t convert that well.
  • Showing my expertise: Writing for bigger blogs would help me improve my credibility in the eyes of others. Especially if I was able to provide solid and in-depth content that helps the target audience somehow, people would be more interested in what I had to say on my blog.
  • New opportunities: Guest posting could open doors for new and exciting opportunities, like interviews or guest posting on other sites.
  • Creating relationships: Guest posting would be a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Especially if my post performed well and the content was in-depth, it really would be a great starting point for relationships with other blog owners.

Because of these reasons, I decided to give guest posting a real try and I signed up for Danny’s training.

What does the sales letter say?

When I entered the WLF site and read the sales letter, I tried to look for particular promises that Danny mentioned and then see if they were really met in the training or not.

I found 13 points under the header “Curriculum” and I can now say that those points are valid. Also, the sales letter didn’t promise the moon out of the sky, which is a good thing (unfortunately, I see this a lot with other products and sales letters).

To make a decision easier, I also found a mention of 100% money-back guarantee. That is if, in the first two weeks after signing up, I didn’t find the program worthy of its price.

What really helped me (and you too) with a decision is the urgency factor that Danny is using: Normally you see fake counters or dates showing that the time is running out and that you should make your buying decision quickly. However, this wasn’t the case here.

In fact, I think that what was said on the page was kind of motivational – even if the urgency was concerned: “A word of advice – if you want this, you should move fast. Not because supply is running out, but because ultimately, it’s about results, and the longer you wait, the longer it’s going to take for you to start seeing them!

This so reminds me of the great quote by Karen Lamb: “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” So why wait until someday, take action now to get the results you are looking for. I think this applies well to guest posting too!

What’s included in the program?

Here is a quick breakdown of what’s included:

  • Four training modules:
    • 1. Laying the groundwork: Benefits of guest posting, what types of blogs to post on…
    • 2. Finding the angle: Figuring out the right angle for your posts
    • 3. The writing process: The simple, yet very effective process created by Danny. Thanks to this, I was able to create so many great guest posts and landed some big blogs too!
    • 4. Maximum mileage: How to take maximum advantage of your guest posts
  • Lessons formats: Available as PDFs, MP3s, and transcripts
  • Other materials: Handouts and worksheets
  • Promotion network: Access to private Facebook group for promoting your posts
  • Bonus material: A webinar recording: “How to Choose a Blog Topic”

All the training is offered through video, but transcripts and other additional materials are included as well. Lessons are easy to follow and understand – even for someone (like me) who doesn’t speak English natively.

This training is supplemented with a lively Facebook group, where Danny and other members of the training program talk everything related to guest posting and promote each other’s work.

What are my experiences of the product?

When I’m looking at my results with this training, there are three major reasons why it has been a great investment:

1. Process that works

Till this date, I have written 125 guest posts and majority of them are written with the process Danny taught me in his training program. Since I only stick with lessons/processes/methods that work, that itself proves that training has been worth the money.

2. Posts on big blogs

Another major point is that I have been able to write posts for big blogs like ProBlogger, Think Traffic, LifeHack, or Kikolani with this process, so it’s also a sign it works very well.

3. Getting a lot of e-mail subscribers

Finally, I pretty much reached the 1000 subscriber mark with guest posting – without spending time on SEO or social media. In other words, guest posting (and especially the way Danny taught it) has been my favorite way to build my list and it has worked well for me.


I guess you can almost guess by now that I really endorse the training since it works. Guest posting has opened new opportunities for me and it still plays a big role when growing my blog and building my online business.

If you are on the fence whether you should buy the training or not, I’ll just say, “Get it now!” It’s a great product, which works and you get to hang out with other like-minded guest posters on the private Facebook group.

Do yourself a favor and get this training now! Go through the training, implement what’s been taught, and see the results for yourself. And even if this training was created in 2011, the information is still valid and actionable!

  • Name of the product: Write Like Freddy (affiliate link)
  • Creator of the product: Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing)
  • What is it: Guest posting training program
  • Price: $137 (one-time fee)

Get my bonus too!

Not convinced if Write Like Freddy is for you or not? Based on my experiences with WLF and guest posting, I wrote this special report that is only available for those who buy the product through my affiliate link.

It’s my own way of writing guest posts and it supplements the WLF very well. With it I have been able to write a lot of guest posts already – even when I was working full time.

To get this report, send your receipt to address below and I’ll send you access details right away:


WLF Bonus

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  • Hey Timo – how different is this course to the one from Jon Morrow? Thoughts?

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Razwana!

      Those two are similar for sure.

      Jon’s course has 6 (if I remember correctly) monthly payments whereas Danny’s course has one payment.

      Also, Jon has live calls (Q&A) and guest posting clinics where he reviews the posts.

      Nevertheless, both courses are valuable and I can recommend them :)


  • I remember reading about this program in one of your eBooks. I am writing like crazy to get content for guest posting. I will be able to start guest posting in another 2 weeks. I think I may check out this program so that I can make every single guest post count. Thanks for this review!

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Kalen!

      Yes, it’s a program I recommend!

      Let me know if you have any guest posting (or blogging) questions and I’m happy to help you!


  • Do you have a kindle format for the book?

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Gwenn!

      Not at the moment.


  • This is nice Superdad.
    I looking forward to putting some good contents together and become one of the guest bloggers. I have seen it in your point and for sure it is true. You will show your professionalism, reach the target audience and the chance to be interviewed is just wonderful. I think whoever came up with the who idea did a good thing. This is a must do in my blogging life.
    Regards, Laura.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Laura!

      Thank you :)