Work-at-Home Productivity: September Link Round-up

Work-at-Home Productivity: September Link Round-up

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Welcome to the September edition of Work-at-Home Productivity Link Round-up.

This post features plenty of awesome links to various productivity resources on the Web so enjoy!


Generic Productivity

59 Tools, 9 Books, and 7 Great Pieces of Advice on Productivity: A #Bufferchat Recap (Buffer)

The extracted wisdom from Buffer’s productivity chat.

A Step-by-Step System to Higher Productivity (Productivityist)

Get yourself organized and productive with a system by Greg Hickman. This sentence says it all: There is no secret sauce to this system. Simply, it’s adopting certain tools and habits and sticking to them—each and every single day.

Tips to Maximize Work Time (Carol Roth)

101 tips to be exact … I’m also one of the people on the list

The Power of Minimum Effective Dose (Michael Hyatt)

Minimum Effective Dose means of taking the smallest action which still gives you the desired results.

For instance, cutting down the running from 100+ kilometers per week to 50km per week gave me the same results in my marathon finishing times … so go figure!

Do not eat that frog… immediately (Productive! Mag)

It’s often been advised (me too) that one should take care of the most difficult (or the tedious) task as first thing of the day, since this way you get it faster out of your mind.

However, there is another way to tackle these kinds of tasks and this very method is described in this post. By the way, I’m using this method as well.

Lessons from a 4-day working week (Productive! Mag)

Graham shares what happened after his company turned into a 4-day workweek. Very interesting reading and I’m tempted to try to this at some point :)


In two weeks, I went from 23,768 e-mails in my inbox to zero. Here’s how. (Washington Post)

One story on how to achieve inbox zero. I have to say that I’ve never had that many e-mails in my inbox, but I can definitely understand how liberating it must feel when you reach the zero after so many emails.

Work at home parents

Working mothers share apps they use for better work/life balance (Miami Herald)

Different tools that working mothers use to make their lives more productive.

Can I Be a Good Parent and a Productive Person? (Asian Efficiency)

A thorough article about productivity and parenthood. And to answer to your question, yes it’s possible indeed :)

I Have 8 Kids, Run a 27-Person Company, and Have a Side Hustle Web Start-up. These are my Top 5 Time Management Hacks. (Side Hustle Nation)

Learn from someone who has 8 kids and “some other” activities in his life. Great lessons especially for those who say they don’t have enough time in a day or who feel that they are too busy.


How to Pack Travel Documents (Alejandra.TV)

Simple ways to pack your travel documents. Just clever!


Why You Need a Daily Prioritization Meeting (99u)

Even if you hate meetings, don’t skip this one!

Task Lists

Why the Old-School Paper To-Do List Is Superior as a Productivity Tool (& How to Make It Work for You in Under 5 Minutes) (Time Management Ninja)

Some thoughts on why a paper-based task list is still a valid way to keep yourself organized. I think that this method could work to a certain extent, but I am not yet ready to give up my task list.


Coffitivity (Coffitivity)

Are you more productive in a coffee shop environment, but don’t actually like going to one? If so, this this application is for you!

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  • Working from home is an amazing way to get things done, and has its own advantages. Thank you so much for compiling this great list that features so many great names in it. This will give me reading material for weeks ahead. Shared on Twitter. Via Buffer of-course :)

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      Thank you Bojan :)