What’s new in 2014 for Productive Superdad

Happy New Year 2014!


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As my blog is having its three-year anniversary today (woohoo!), I have decided to change the structure of my blog posts, starting in January 2014.

So far, the articles have been pretty lengthy, but I have figured that this may not be the optimum format for a productivity blog.

We are all busy and we want to have the actionable steps and the solutions as quickly as possible, so that’s why I see there is a need to change the format.

So how are things changing in January 2014?

From now on, the structure of the posts is going to be as follows:

  • Short: The length of the posts will be anywhere between 500 – 1000 words. I might exceed that limit if needed, but my goal is to keep things succinct and to-the-point.
  • Actionable: I like to give the essentials when it comes to blog posts, that way you can take action faster on the lessons, and thus get faster results.
  • Scannable: I think that Darren from ProBlogger accurately sums up what a scannable post is, so I will let him tell you more about it.

So while the posts are going to be shorter, they are not going to be any less valuable than before. In fact, the whole idea is to create tight and super-valuable packages (blog posts), which give you the maximum value in a shorter time frame.

Other content related changes

These three changes (shorter/actionable/scannable) are not the only changes that will take place next year – I have some other plans as well:

  • Blog post extras. I started to provide some extra material related to all my blog posts this fall (this material can be found on PSD+), and I will still continue to provide extra material. However, I have already felt that at times I had to force myself to create content, therefore I have decided to provide extra material if it *really* adds value to the post.
  • Videos are coming back. There has been a pause on creating productivity videos, but they will be back in 2014. These videos are going to be short, succinct and – surprise, surprise – actionable as well :). I’m not setting any particular schedule on how often I publish these videos – I’ll record them when I feel like it.
  • Podcasts are coming back too. I’m getting back into podcasting as well, but the schedule is not going to be a strict one. Instead, I’ll record those on an infrequent basis.
  • Online Business Productivity link round-ups: The idea behind these roundups is to gather the best of the online business productivity links on a monthly basis. I will continue to do these, but from now every third post is going to be the round-up. The publishing date is going to be on Tuesdays.

Finally, we are very close to year 2014, so I just wanted to give you a special thanks for being a reader of Productive Superdad and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014. Let’s make it the best year ever!

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