PSD Video Tip #37: Update Your WordPress Plugins Easily with This Special URL

PSD Video Tip #37: Update Your WordPress Plugins Easily with This Special URL

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Keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date with this simple URL. The more plugins you have installed to your WordPress blog, the more often there is a new update to be installed.

In order to streamline this process a bit, I introduce a special WordPress URL that can save you time.

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  • Video length: 03:54
  • Transcript: [spoiler]Hello, this is Timo from, and today I wanted to
    share a quick tip on how to keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date.Now the thing is that there are lots of WordPress plugins out there. A
    plugin is a great way to expand the functionality of your WordPress
    installation. But obviously, you have to keep those plugins up-to-date,
    because there are lots of security fixes, lots of bug fixes, and it’s not
    just enough to install a plugin.In order to keep your installation up-to-date with minimal effort, I
    recommend that you do the following. First of all, pick a date. Let’s say
    that every Sunday you decide to update all your plugins at once. This is
    basically what I do. I have a weekly meeting with myself where I go through
    these plugins and check out the updates and then install those bug fixes,
    security fixes, and all those things.

    Instead of doing those installations one by one, I have one certain date
    when I do those udpates on Sundays. Then I go to this special URL on my
    WordPress blog. If you take a look at the address on the URL bar here, you
    see that there is, first of all, my domain name, but then the rest of this
    address, like this one here, that’s basically how you get access to your
    plugins page.

    Modify this part of the domain name or the address accordingly, depending
    on what your domain name is, and then add the rest of this address to your
    URL so you get access to your plugins page.

    You can see the page looks like this, and all you have to do is to click
    Select All, so that all the plugins are now selected. When you click Update
    Plugins, the update process starts. So let me click this button here.

    It takes a while. Now, as you can see, all five plugins are updated, within
    maybe a minute, maximum, what it took. As you can see, it’s a very, very
    simple and easy way to keep all the plugins up to date.

    Now what I am doing here is that I am returning back to the plugins page,
    and, as you can see, I have plenty of plugins. That graphic or the balloon
    with a number indicating how many plugins need to be updated, that graphic
    is now gone.

    This is a very simple and easy way to keep all your WordPress plugins up-to-
    date. Let me just go to this plugins update page once again, and as you can
    see, it says, “Your plugins are all up-to-date.”

    So this was the simple tip that I wanted to share with you. Bye-bye.[/spoiler]

  • Hi Timo

    Great advice on keeping the plugins up to date. A couple of things I’d like to add.

    First, make sure you update all plugins, even deactivated ones. Update all themes as well, including those that aren’t being used. There have been hacks that exploit holes in inactive code in the past.

    It would be nice if you could update everything in 1 step, but thankfully themes don’t get updated as often.

    Secondly, there are 2 ways to quickly get to the Update page.

    In the admin interface, hover your mouse over the Dashboard option to get the popup menu. It has the Updates option which also displays the number of updates available.

    You can also get there from the admin bar (which is usually available on the live site when you’re logged in). The 2 round arrows (followed by the number of updates available) will get you there.

    • Timo Kiander


      Thank you for these great tips!

      Sure, it’s important to update everything.

      Or, as I like to do, I keep asking myself every once in a while: “Do I need this plugin?”

      That way I can get rid of plugins I don’t need anymore, thus I can improve the loading speed of my pages.


  • Hey Time, I always keep my plugins up to date. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Ehsan!

      Sure, great to hear I was able to be helpful!