66 One-Sentence Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

time saving tips for bloggers

I’m a follower of Jeff Bullas’ blog and sometime ago he published a post titled: “50 One-Sentence SEO Tips for Bloggers”. Thanks to his post, I figured that I could write a one like this, but focusing on time saving tips for bloggers instead.

That’s why I came up with a list of 66 one-sentence time saving tips that you can use in your everyday blogging. I know that this list is just a start and in the future I’ll focus on just one particular area at once (e-mail marketing, SEO, social media…).

Anyway, here is your list and be sure to leave your favorite tip in the comment area as well!


  • If you are suffering from Trackback spam, just disable trackbacks altogether by going to Settings > Discussion > “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)”.
  • Ask yourself, if you really need all these plugins in your WordPress and uninstall it/them if it’s unnecessary.
  • Install WP-Optimize to speed up your blog.
  • Install a plugin called Duplicate Post, which makes a copy of your previous post and then you can use it as a template for your new post.
  • Update your plugins at once with this special URL.
  • Don’t waste your time with slow webhosts – sign up with a host like WP Engine instead!

Social Media:

  • Automate your social media promotion with dlvr.it.
  • If possible, know on which social media platform your visitors are mostly hanging out and just focus on that one.
  • Limit your social media usage with a timer, to two 15-minute time blocks per day.
  • Use a social media tool like Hootsuite for managing your social media activities.
  • Use BufferApp to schedule your tweets at optimum times.
  • Use a tool called Social Metrics, to figure out what posts get shared most on your blog.


  • Use ClickBump SEO (affiliate link) to speed-up your SEO efforts.

Browsers and Tools:

  • Install SpeedDial2 for Chrome for accessing your favorite sites easily.
  • Install DropBox Shortcut in order to access your DropBox account with a single click.
  • Install Evernote Web for accessing your EverNote notes fast.
  • Enter your destination URL directly, instead of going to the home page of a website first and then clicking through the links to your destination.
  • Install LastPass for managing usernames and passwords.
  • Use InstaPaper to transform your unread blog posts to your Amazon Kindle.

Videos and podcasts:

  • If you are recording video tips for your blog, record multiple videos at once.
  • Use SpeechPad for transcribing videos and podcasts into text.
  • Create content easily by conducting an e-mail interview.
  • Outsource the voice-overs for your podcasts through Fiverr.
  • Buy Enounce MySpeed and listen to your podcasts and videos faster.


  • Have an editorial calendar for your blog posts.
  • Use a “Drop Area” for capturing your ideas when on the go.
  • Define the core areas of your blogging and pick your three.
  • Upload your blogging files to cloud (DropBox, Google Drive), for better accessibility from various computers.
  • Use a timer when writing a blog post.
  • Repurpose your existing content.
  • Batch process your comments twice per day.
  • Create commenting policy and post it to your blog.
  • Make comments automatically closed after X amount of days by going to Settings > Discussion Settings > Other Comment Settings > Automatically close comments on articles older than X days
  • Slow down your blogging pace.
  • Create a lot of content up-front, so that you can focus on other blogging-related projects.
  • Don’t just read a post – take action on them.
  • Figure out your most important traffic sources by going to Google Analytics and focus on them.
  • Crowdsource your next blog post.
  • Outline your blog posts before writing them.
  • Have a blog post checklist that you go through every time you publish a post.
  • Create a blog post promotion checklist to go through every time you promote a post.
  • Create topics for future blog post quickly with Title Generator.
  • Take advantage of effective time blocking when blogging.
  • Hire a blogging coach.


  • Do not hesitate to unsubscribe from e-mail lists if you never read the messages anyway.
  • Use UnRoll.me to unsubscribe from several e-mail lists at once.
  • Batch-process your e-mail twice per day.
  • Create a habit of extracting tasks/assignments from your e-mail messages and then store them on your task list instead.
  • Do not keep your inbox as your to-do list.

Guest posting:

Generic productivity:

  • Schedule a time block for when you check the stats of your blog.
  • Define when a task is really done by creating a special checklist for it and avoid perfection that way.
  • Ask yourself continuously, how you can get more done with less effort.
  • Get a good night sleep before you start working.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take power naps.
  • Take time off from your computer.
  • When you are sick, just rest and take good care of yourself.
  • Figure out your best working times and your favorite environment.
  • Track your time with Rescue Time and figure out how you spend it.
  • Focus on the most important tasks first in the morning.
  • Before you start working, know what tasks you are supposed to do and in which order you should be doing them.
  • Jot down a task list every day before going to bed.


A lot of time saving tips related to blogging for sure :) Now it’s your turn – how do you improve your blogging productivity?

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