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This page lists all the tools, training courses, and products I have used and I have found valuable. I update the page every time I find something valuable and which you may find helpful too.

Be aware that some of the links on this page are affiliate ones. In other words, I get a commission when you click and purchase a product or a service through some of the links on this page (however, clicking these links doesn’t cost you anything).

The Foundation

This blog was built by using these tools and services and I wholeheartedly recommend them:



StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

A2 Hosting 




  • Write Like Freddy – Become a guest posting rock star! Thanks to this program, I was able to write 50+ posts in one year!

  • WordPress – This blog is built with WordPress, the best blogging platform in the world

  • CompFight – Find free images to your blog posts

  • DreamsTime – Place to find premium (paid) images for your content


  • ClickBump SEO – Simple, yet effective way to check that your blog posts are correct when the SEO is concerned. With a help of a checklist, you get an SEO score. This list helps you to improve your score and your SEO visibility.

Audio and Video

  • Evaer – Easy to use tool for recording your Skype calls

  • Vodburner – Skype video call recorder

  • Camtasia Studio – Very comprehensive tool for editing and recording videos

  • SpeechPad – Transcribe your videos or audio into text


Task Management

  • Wunderlist – Comprehensive task management software

Chrome Extensions

  • ChromeToPaper – Send your webpages to InstaPaper with this simple add-on

  • Speed Dial 2 – Access the most-used web sites quickly through an open tab in Chrome

  • Dropbox Shortcut – One-click access to Dropbox with this handy add-on

  • Buffer App – Share content easily with others on social media

Social Media

  • TweetDeck – Make your social media account management more effective

Mind Mapping

  • X Mind – Simple and easy-to-use tool for mind mapping


  • The Go-Giver – A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea – Thinking and doing things differently can bring massive rewards.

  • The Slight Edge – Secret To A Successful Life – Taking small steps in consistent manner takes you to your goals eventually. That’s the power of slight edge.

  • Find Your Focus Zone – Set your focus right on many levels. I learned quite a few tips from this book and they can be applied to online businesses as well.

  • 25 Tips for Productivity – Unique tips for improving your productivity

  • The Smarter Home Office – Get your home office organized with this comprehensive book

  • Social Media in 15 Minutes Per Day – Stop wasting your time in social media. Read this book and find out how to create an effective presence in social media without overwhelming yourself.

  • The Power of Habit – If you want to learn how habits are born and how to change them, then read this book. Highly recommended!

  • Early To Rise – It’s never too late to become an early rise – let Andy Traub be your guide and see the benefits of early-rising yourself.

  • The Small Business Website Checklist  – All you ever need to know when starting your website. Nick Loper has gathered the essential information into this small book.

  • Internet Lifestyle Productivity  – It’s great to be your own boss and run your online business. Yet, the time management skills are more important than ever. Steve Scott shows a (unconventional?) system that makes you a productive online business entrepreneur.

  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur – A very comprehensive guide for starting and running your online business – even while travelling most of the time. Highly recommended!