PSD Video Tip #18: How to not take a break

PSD Video Tip #18: How to not take a break

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You are probably taking breaks when you are working (and if you are not, then it’s time to start taking them now!).

However, there is a certain type of break to avoid. Check out the video to find out what it is!


Your next tasks:

1. Put this blog post into action!

  • Take a break by doing something physical
  • Eat a healthy snack, breath some fresh air, go for a quick walk

2. Share your experiences and tips on the comment area:

  • What type of break do you take between your working sessions?
  • Any good tips on how to put your mind elsewhere when taking a break?

3. Spread the word:

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  • I take small to relieve my eyes, hands and legs. I see at a distant picture or nature to relieve stress in my eyes. I can simply close my eyes, stretch my hands and legs. Oh! what a relief and regain of new energy from small breaks in long sessions of work.

    • Timo Kiander


      So true!

      Those small breaks can make miracles to your productivity.


  • Hey Timo,

    You are so right – whenever I stay at the computer while taking my break, I really don’t rest as much. I find though that watching a movie or some funny videos relaxes me. Facebook and email don’t.

    For me, playing the piano, doing some exercise, drinking water / eating or taking a break work best to help me rejuvenate.



    • Timo Kiander


      Those things you mentioned will give you plenty of energy to get stuff done! I especially liked that piano part. I can only imagine that it can take your mind away from work matters – very effectively :)


  • I couldn’t agree with you more Timo!

    While in the corporate world I very seldom would take breaks. My position was always rather hectic at times so I was always so busy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being busy but it’s exhausting.

    Since now working online and being my own boss, I listened to what Mike Dillard shared some time back about doing the 50/10 rule. Work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Get away from the desk, regroup, walk around if you have to, grab something to drink, whatever you choose. Just get up from the desk and you will find that you are much more productive this way.

    Stay focused on the task at hand and turn all distractions off. You can always schedule your social media time as projects to complete during your 50 minutes and even answer emails during that time but only take on one project at a time. I have found that this really works great for me.

    Taking breaks is really very beneficial and can help with productivity. Great tips here and thanks for sharing these.


    • Timo Kiander


      Great tips!

      I too like to work somewhere between 45-50 minutes at a time and then take a break. This way I’m still able to focus on my work. However, if I pass the 50 minute mark, my attention span will weaken.