PSD Video Tip #9: Recharge Your Batteries

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Our life is so much more than just working. In fact, there is a place for relaxing too.

For example, taking a walk in the forest on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a very nice way to spend your day.


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It’s your turn now!

  • Do you take any days off during the week or do you work every day?
  • What are your favorite ways of relaxing and recharging your batteries?

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  1. Hi Timo,
    I am a workaholic type of person but I don understand the importance and necessity of recharging my batteries. I find that getting in my big comfortable leather chair and reading a book does the trick or just being outside in nature works just as well for me.

    • Timo Kiander says:


      Reading a book is another great way to recharge your batteries.

      I feel that at times I just have to be away from the computer – even cleaning my home with my wife is a way to break the work pattern, thus I have something else to think about during that time :)


  2. I recharge my batteries by unplugging from technology and outside forces and plugging into silence. I like to do that for 4-10 days once or twice a year, but often just a day at home with everything turned off is a quick respite!

    • Timo Kiander says:


      I don’t have experiences of being in silence (well, at least not as long as what you have been), but I find the idea very interesting.

      How did you feel the first time you took the 4+ day silence? I’m thinking that it takes sometime to get used to it?


  3. Great advice. I actually try to get out everyday and do some exercises, either running or just walking. I find that I’m always refreshed and recharged after it. So I guess you don’t have to wait until Sunday. Try do it everyday, it’d be great. ;-)

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Thank you Harry!

      That is true.

      In fact, I feel very strange if I have to spend all my day inside. I need fresh air on a daily basis :)


  4. Hi Timo,

    Well, like you I have a full time job and a part time business and it can be very intense! I do try and take one full day off each week to recharge, get away from the computer and spend some quality time with my wife. Having said that, I am very passionate about my online business and so, it can actually be difficult to pull away for an entire day.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you love what you are doing. But it is important to take a block of time, whether it is several hours or an entire day to step back, enjoy time with your friend or family, work on a hobby, or just do nothing.

    Time away can actually stimulate better productivity in your business, in that sometimes a change of scenery will generate new ideas.

    Thanks for the reminder, my friend!

  5. Timo Kiander says:


    Sure thing!

    I have realized this too: When you are passionate about something (like your online business), it is hard to stay away from computer for a longer period of times :)

    Still, it’s all about finding the right balance between your work and free time. And think that online business gives this much better possibilities than when working from 9-5.

    Great that you liked the video!


  6. Hey Timo,

    I forget to relax way too often. I get stressed, and then have muscular pain – shoulders, neck…

    Thing is sometimes I get so caught up in what I have to do and the stress of it, that I don’t have the willpower to get out and go on the mountain right next to where I live or relax in some other way.

    But when I do relax (last night I listened to a bit of relaxation music), it makes all the difference. Or like you said, a nice walk in the woods does wonders!

    Thank you for reminding me to relax! :)

    • Timo Kiander says:


      Anytime :)

      Listening to music is a great way to relax. Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to music lately as much as I wanted.

      But yes, it definitely helps you to relax.


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