PSD Podcast [PSDP 001]: “25 Tips for Productivity” with Augusto Pinaud

expert time management interviewJust recently I got an email from Augusto Pinaud and he proposed that I should interview him.

All I knew that he was featured on Michael “Nozbe” Sliwinski’s Productive! Magazine and also that he had written a best-selling Amazon book called “25 Tips for Productivity” (affiliate link).

After I went through his book, I was happy that Augusto approached me. His book was full of great ideas on how to improve your personal productivity. In fact, I learned a new way that I’m implementing in my daily life right now.

This interview focuses on the lessons found in his book. Be sure to check out the interview and grab his book from Amazon!

Key Takeaways

  • Minutes add up – don’t overlook them
  • You might think you are the cheapest resource – and that’s why you do the stuff yourself
  • A “not to do list” is a way to remind yourself of all the ways that can kill your freedom
  • Split your task list into important tasks and non-important tasks
  • Have a key list for things that you’ll need regularly (like what type of ink to buy to your printer)
  • Common sense is based 100% of your experience – don’t assume that everyone else knows the same things as you
  • Use music (or any other way) to help you out with thinking (portable thinking environment)
  • Have one hour per week for thinking (“The Extraordinary Hour”) to think about impossible things but yet something extraordinary and achievable
  • Your chair has a much bigger effect on your productivity than what you think
  • The tools that doesn’t work for you, the best thing is to get rid of them
  • “Productivity and efficiency can’t be found by looking hours to save but eliminating the wasted minutes”

Augusto Pinaud

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