Productivity Tools

Here is a list of productivity tools that I have gathered around the web.
Please be aware that this list is nowhere extensive and that I’ll add new tools to the list as I find them.
If you have any tools that you’d like me to add to the list, contact me through the contact form and I’ll add the tool to the list.

Task management

  • iDoneThis
  • An iPhone app, which asks “What have you done today?” After entering your tasks, a checkbox is added to the calendar, showing that you got stuff done on that day.
  • Do It Tomorrow
  • Write down your tasks for the day. All the tasks that you couldn’t do today will be pushed automatically for tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • ToodleDo
  • Prioritize, filter and hotlist your actions with this tool with a slick user interface. Collaborate with other people by sharing your task list. Access your list with a web browser, tablet or a smart phone.
  • 30/30
  • Timer app for your task list. Works on iPhone or on iPad.

Time tracking

  • IceDeep WorkTracker
  • Gain understanding how you and your team spend their time (for e.g. how much time spent on a certain application) by using this automated tracking tool.
  • Time Doctor
  • Real-time time tracking on your computer. Gives reminders when you are spending too much time on sites life Facebook or in your email

E-mail management

  • Unsubscribe from multiple e-mail lists at the once
  • ifttt
  • Automate your mundane internet-based tasks by taking action when something happens (ifttt = if this then that)
  • Rapportive
  • Shows you valuable information about your contacts at the left side of your Gmail inbox
  • Boomerang
  • Schedule your e-mails in Gmail. Also, set easy email-based reminders.
  • FollowUpCC
  • Follow up others by getting automatic reminders
  • The Email Game
  • Stay in control of your e-mail inbox the fun way. Treat your inbox management like a game.
  • SaneBox
  • Manage your e-mail by filtering the incoming messages, uploading the attachments to the cloud (instead of storing them in your inbox) or getting follow-up notifications to those messages which the recipients haven’t replied to.


  • Yugma
  • Online tool for collaboration, conferencing and desktop sharing. Both free and paid versions are available.
  • Vyew
  • Online collaboration white boarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, Voice-over-IP capabilities. You can also take a test drive for free so see what it looks like.


  • BeeMinder
  • Hold yourself accountable for others


  • HabitForge
  • A tool that helps you to create new habits – with accountability and follow-ups.
  • Wonderful Day
  • Have you heard about saying “Don’t break the chain”? Well, this is the productivity secret that Jerry Seinfeld introduced years ago and now this “secret” is implemented as an iPhone app. Basically, you work on your task and you cross it off your calendar. Eventually you have created “a chain” and longer it is, the more motivated you are to keep it unbroken.


  • PostFrenzy
  • According to PostFrenzy, “PostFrenzy is a web-based application geared at providing a simple yet superb experience around organizing, managing, tracking, and collaborating on everything in your daily life without imposing any specific process.”


Blog posts

  • InstaPaper
  • Save all the interesting web pages for later reading (and get rid of dozens of open tabs in your browser). You can even read the web pages in your Amazon Kindle if you want to.


  • Key Rocket
  • Shortcut reminders for Microsoft Office, Windows or Gmail. It is a simple way to improve your productivity!
  • Phrase Expander
  • Type a 3-letter abbreviation and your email reply, your address or any kind of information that you use often is there, ready to use.

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