PSD Video Tip #39: Guru Advice and Syncing Your Nap Times With Your Baby

PSD Video Tip #39: Guru Advice and Syncing Your Nap Times With Your Baby

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I got the topic for today’s video from Ita Rabinowitz.

In her e-mail, she revealed how she is able to stay productive and alert with her big family and why the certain productivity guru advice (waking up early) doesn’t work in her situation.

So, check out the video and pay Ita’s blog a visit!

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Shownotes and resources:

  • Video length: 03:12
  • Ita’s blog
  • Transcript: [spoiler]Hello, this is Timo from, and today I wanted to
    share a couple of great insights that I learned by email Ita Rabinowitz.
    Now, first of all, she told me that she has a big family, and for some
    practical reasons, it wasn’t reasonable for her to become an early riser.Now, the thing that I’m telling you is that whenever you are learning more
    about time management – reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts,
    watching some videos – whatever is being taught, always put those ideas
    into a test and then see if they work in your personal situation or not,
    because sometimes certain types of ideas might work for certain people, but
    then it doesn’t necessarily work for you or some other people. So that’s
    why it’s important to take this critical look at things and put those ideas
    into test and then decide if the tip or lesson is actually worth
    implementing in your personal situation.So that was a great insight, number one. Insight number two was that she
    was telling me that she’s actually syncing her napping times with her
    baby’s napping times. Basically, what it means is this. Anyone who has had
    a baby in the house knows that taking caring of your baby is really hard
    work, and you are pretty much tied to your baby. You have to nurture him or
    her and take care of him or her all the time and be available for your

    So, of course, you might become very tired, especially if your family is
    out of the house. Let’s say that you have other kids. They are at school.
    You have a spouse who is at work. When they are coming back to home in the
    evening, of course, you want to be full of energy. You want to play with
    your kids. You want to socialize with your spouse. And if you’re very
    tired, things do not work out very well.

    So syncing your napping times with your baby’s napping times is a great way
    to make sure that you are recharging your batteries and you have energy for
    the rest of the day. When the rest of the family comes back home, you have
    more energy for them, and your day is more productive that way.

    So thank you, Ita, for this great insight. Anyone who is watching this
    video, I truly hope that you found these insights and tips valuable. And
    please share this video on Twitter and on YouTube. I will talk to you soon.

  • Nice video Timo! I think the most annoying time for babies is their lack of orientation to nap times. And your strategy for syncing the nap times is very helpful! Thank you for posting this! :)

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Shane!

      Thank you :)

      Yes, you have to be aware of their patterns and then match your daily rhythm with them.

      And by the way, thank Ita – she’s the one who mentioned this to me :)


  • i heard from my friends who are fathers that the hardest thing about being a father is adapting to the baby’s wake up time, thank you for the post and video timo : )

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Farouk!

      Yes, that’s true.

      You have to align your wake-up times with the ones your baby has.