Productivity Elements

Productivity Elements (PE for short) is a eight part series related to different productivity elements that are important to internalize and apply in every work at home dad’s (WAHD) daily life.

Each part of this series focuses on one important element (nutrition, systems …) that is needed in order to keep a WAHD as productive as possible.

Every post focuses on one certain WAHD group and contains an interview regarding that particular group member.

Not only is it important to understand these elements, but it is also important to realize how these elements are used in real life scenarios.

Flexibility is very important trait for a work-at-home dad. In addition to this post, I also interviewed a internet marketer Bill Nickerson for this post.

Another important characteristic for a work-at-home dad is to strive for balance between your business and your family life and that’s what this post is all about. On top of that, Craig Jarrow reveals how he is able to build a successful blog while having a family and a day job.

Although mindsets and organized way of working is a must for WAHD, you still need productivity tools to help you out. In this post, I’m describing on how to choose a right tool. I also interview Michael Sliwinski, who is a guy behind “Nozbe”, a tool based on GTD (Getting Things Done) system and helps you to manage projects and tasks the simple way.

I have to admit that coaching has made a biggest difference when it comes to building my online business. However, before you choose a coach you have to be prepared for it right way. I also had a pleasure of interviewing my own coach for this post.

Workflows help to standardize your work and get routine work done in a similar manner. This helps you become more productive, since you are not “re-inventing the wheel” every time again and again.

Writing skills are essential for any blogger. In addition, to produce top-notch content for your blog or for others, you need to focus properly. This post describes different ways that help you with improving your writing focus and an includes a free writing productivity report too.

Habits – they can make you successful or ruin your life. In this post, I’m describing the steps to create new habits and the post includes a free e-bo0k on this same topic as well.

Sometimes the productivity can be increased by doing something that’s not related to tools or productivity tricks – by paying attention to nutrition and exercising. This article gives you the steps to get started with healthier life.


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