Online Business Productivity: November Link Roundup

Online Business Productivity - Monthly RoundupIt’s November and time for another online business productivity roundup.

This time I have found 30+ links that cover different parts of productivity from an online business perspective.

If you’d like to see one of your favorites on this list, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m more than happy to include a cool blog post or tools on this roundup post the next time.



Generic productivity:

Power naps are a very effective way to restart your day. This infographic shows the benefits of napping, depending of the length of it (personally, I favor 20 minute ones …)

Why you should have a napping policy in your workplace. I was lucky to have a boss smart enough who allowed us to take naps after lunch. It made a huge different to my workplace productivity and it also saved my personal time, since I didn’t have to take a nap after work at home.

Simple (and common sense) tips for improving your productivity. These things are easy to implement in your everyday work.

The Hawthorne Effect is all about accountability. My favorite ways of gaining this is by mastermind groups, coaching, and announcing my deadlines publicly. What’s your favorite way of being accountable towards others?

Natalie’s way of getting things done. Her idea of separating creation days and communication days sounds very interesting.

An oldie but a goodie … And yes, these guys work hard indeed!

Great infographic showing how to organize your life – both online and offline.

Content marketing:

Thinking of doing content curation on your blog … think again!

80-20 Rule of Content Marketing: Spend less time (20%) on creating great content and more (80%) on distributing it. Also, Heidi brings in some great points about why one piece of content should vary based on the platform and device.

Ti shows a nice way to take advantage of your old content and make some money while doing so.


Using social media with your smartphone.

There are plenty of apps for mobile phones and this post shows 50 of them that are Leslie’s favorites (iOS and Android). Too bad that I (still) own a Windows Phone – hopefully I can make a switch to another platform soon!


A comprehensive article on how to speed-up your WordPress website or a blog.

Another great article on how to speed-up your site.


Darren’s content schedule for his dPS blog and its Facebook page.

This guest post by Barbara Charles explains why consistency is so important in blogging.

Actually, I never thought about blogging in this way, but yes, Craig is right. I agree with his points on this post.

Social Media

Make those social media buttons perform better on your blog.

Great piece of advice – how to make your Tweets more effective. I have a lot to learn from this!

No matter how great your company’s social media strategy is, you need to make sure your organization supports it fully.

Step-by-step advice on how to take advantage of Facebook in your next launch.

Online Business

Manage your online business with one (tracking) file.

This is a must read for every blogger – some myths debunked and what it really takes to dominate your niche.                

Relationships do matter when you grow (and run) your blog. Let Tom show you how to create them in 14 ways.


You can get better results by maximizing your existing traffic.

List Building

Great case study showing how to make those posts perform well on your blog! And I mean really well!             


An infographic/checklist showing the items that should be found on a high-converting landing page.


Nice way of displaying different times on different time zones. A handy tool for instance when scheduling Skype calls with someone who is in another time zone.

Huge list of tools, huge list of people (yours truly included), showing their favorite social media tools.

Quote graphics seem to be very popular nowadays … I might give this technique a try someday.

Nice tool which shows the social media stats based on the blog’s URL. This should make it easier for you to write posts for those sites (or for your own blog).

Generate a lot of potential (post) titles based on your keyword.

Save the piece of content for later consumption.

Great tool by Neil Patel, telling website owners for instance the SEO effectiveness or the speed score (amongst other things). All the statistics are shown in a nice looking format.

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  • Thanks Timo. Love the post about boosting blog profitability without increasing traffic. It can be all traffic, traffic, but we should also focus on what we do with it. A good reminder!

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  • Hi Tim,

    #1 is out for me. Never could nap in the daytime. As far as accountability is concerned, I tell my coach when I’m going to have a project done and it usually gets done, barring any disasters.

    I try to line up subjects for posts to co-ordinate with something I’m doing at the time, like getting out a new product or finding new tools to use on the Internet.

    Great post and lots of tips so, I bookmarked this page.


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      Sure, sometimes napping is not an option.

      I was lucky to have a great boss (when I had day job): He allowed us to take nap after the lunch.


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