Online Business Productivity: June Link Roundup

​Welcome to the June edition of Online Business Productivity Link Roundup. I have compiled a list of 27 links that are all worth reading and implementing in your own online business.


Enjoy your reading and let me know if you have any valuable links that you'd like me to include on the next roundup post.

General Productivity

1 Simplistically Simple Way to Simplify Your To-Do List (Hint: It Involves the -P-) (newInternetOrder)

A different, yet simple way of handling your daily tasks.

59 Productivity Experts Reveal Their 3 Favorite Productivity Tools (High Performance Lifestyle)

Yes, I’m one of the 50 people on this list of experts. This is a great compilation of tools that will help you to increase your productivity. Make some new acquaintances too.

The Advantages of Online Courses [Infographic] (Skilled Up)

Now that you know the benefits of online courses, be sure to choose the right training strategy for your business and take immediate action on the lessons you have learnt!

The Cold Shower Challenge (Side Hustle Nation)

Can cold showers improve your productivity? This certainly sounds interesting, and I’m thinking whether I should test this myself or not … :)

15 Easy to Follow: Daily Productivity Tips Just for You (1st Webdesigner)

This is a great list of tips … some of which I had never heard of!

How You Can Save 396 Minutes Per Day With Minimal Effort (High Performance Lifestyle)

With some simple actions, you can save a lot of your daily time. Let Kosio show you how.

Social Media

3 Twitter Marketing Tips That Really Matter (Unlike 100s Of Others) (Blogger Jet)

Yes, skip those 1,000 other tips focus on these three instead!

Power Guide to Twitter Automation: Tools, Strategies, Ethics (Blogger Jet)

Yet another great post by Tim. This time it’s about Twitter automation the right way. This is a must read for any blogger out there using Twitter.

100+ Bite-Sized Tips To Get You More Social Shares (And Traffic) (Blogging Wizard)

Continuing with our social media theme, Adam shows us how to get more shares on various social media platforms with these bite-size tips.


Analysis: 16 Kindle Book Marketing Strategies (Dissected and Graded) (Steve Scott)

A list of various promotional strategies for your Kindle books, and commentary on which of these strategies really works.


Getting Your First 10,000 Email Subscribers [Social Triggers Master Guide] (Navid Moazzezz)

Are you ready for your first 10K subscribers? This guide shows you the steps needed to get there.

The “Barack Obama” Formula: How the President gets traffic to his website (VideoFruit)

Some clever ways to get more traffic to your site. These strategies are definitely worth testing out!

39 Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website (Forbes)

I think that the most important idea on this list is #18: “Focus your energy on strategies that are working

64 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (Jeff Bullas)

In case you want even more traffic to your blog, you can continue with Jeff’s tips on his blog.


Conversion Tip: Be Nice :-) (Ben Hunt)

The nice people get the higher conversion rates :)

Why I hate split testing (hint: it’s a waste of time) (Social Triggers)

Why split testing is sometimes waste of time.

How Some Cat Pictures Increased My Email Subscriber Confirmations (Blog Tyrant)

Spicing up your ‘thank you’ page can increase the number of your e-mail subscribers.


Alfred (Running with Crayons)

A simple tool to start applications quickly on your Mac.


Four Email Marketing Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Gmail (Marketing Profs)

Exciting and unique ways to maximize your Gmail usage.

Content Curation

The Busy Person’s Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process for Your Blog, Newsletter, or Timeline (Buffer)

Check out the article by the Buffer team to understand what content curation is all about. And by the way, this link round up you are reading is actual content curation in action!


20 Plug-N-Play Blog Post Ideas (Buzz Blogger)

Some interesting content ideas for your next blog post.

How to Run Your First Webinar (with No Skills, No Stress, and No Budget) (Boost Blog Traffic)

Webinars … scary … but perhaps not. Take a look at this comprehensive article on how to get started on your first webinar.

The Definitive Checklist For Effective Blog Post Promotion (Blogging Wizard)

Use this list when promoting your blog post. Make sure to focus on the strategies that work. Doing all of them every time may not be reasonable.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images, and More (Buffer)

Run through your next blog post alongside this list and see if it’s perfect :)


Marketing Personas: The Complete Beginner’s Guide (Buffer)

Everything you need to know about marketing personas.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation (Quick Sprout)

What is marketing automation? A comprehensive and helpful post by Neil Patel and Ritika Puri.

4 strategies for growing your business by being helpful (Kevin Dewalt)

I’m about to test ‘Helpful Marketing’ very soon on this blog and my Finnish one.

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    and it was a Big “Aha” moment for me too! awesome stuff and i love the quality of the content.
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