Online Business Productivity: February Link Roundup

Online Business Productivity - Monthly RoundupIt’s already February – can you believe that? Anyway, here is the new roundup for you!

This time I have listed 40 links that can help you to improve your online business productivity  (blogging, list building, information products  …).

Let me know if you have links that you’d like to see on this list next month. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll take a look at the link.

Generic productivity:

Sure, donuts taste delicious, but they are not healthy. Find out what is.

The importance of stopping for a moment and developing yourself both personally and professionally.

Calendars and lists – basic building blocks of productivity.

You have five different areas to focus on if you want to become a productive entrepreneur.

And if those five areas weren’t enough, there are plenty of habits you could implement as well!

Are you already a (Productivity) Ninja Parent? If not, here are six steps to get you started.

There are plenty of applications to support your goals and help you implement new habits. Michael Hyatt takes a look at seven of those apps.

List building:

Size doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take action.

Are you using a phone with your e-mail marketing? You should be!


Five steps to improve your blogging productivity in five minutes (or less).

No doubt that my blog’s current writing style has taken a lot of influence from Michael Hyatt.

Checklists are a good way to make your days and weeks far more effective.

Here’s what (and what not) to do when it comes to successful blogger outreach.

Another way of creating a blogger outreach system.

Tools and other ideas for creating the right type of content on your blog (and elsewhere), and an editorial calendar template you can grab for free!

Creating content for your blog is important, but there are other key areas that you should focus on as well.

An infographic explaining how to create converting blog pages. I’m gonna need this when I re-design Productive Superdad at some point.

Information products:

Great starting point on how to package knowledge (through your blog) and then sell it

Seven main steps and plenty of sub-steps for creating a successful info product business.


Learn these shortcuts and start using your TweetDeck more effectively.

I never realized that you can actually extend the functionality of DropBox, but it’s sure possible with these tools.

Yes, I know now :)


Interesting comparison of themes and how they perform.

Plenty of advice from pros related to plugins. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your plugins!

Improve your WordPress productivity with these plugins.

Improve your SEO effectiveness and make your blog/website faster to load.


A huge article by Neil Patel. Digest this in small pieces.


Great tips when creating content from your home office.

Just one hour, really? I might give this one a try…


I have to admit that I’m bad at looking at stats but I think I can deal with them from now on with these three reports :)

Content marketing:

Content calendars explained and grab yourself a free template for your own needs.

Quick tips to consider when it comes to content marketing. I agree especially with the 80/20 rule on this post.


SEO…nah, I don’t think so, too time consuming. Quick SEO? Sounds much better!


Plenty of tasks you can outsource through Fiverr (and which help you to improve your online business productivity as well).

Online business:

Nice tips by Natalie on how to improve your business productivity.

Plenty of great tips on improving your business productivity even further.

Yet another great list of productivity tools by Michael Hyatt.

Testimonials matter – here’s how to get the good ones.

Social media:

The title says it all. A guest post by Mark Lerner.


Another great case study on Jeff Bullas’s blog.

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  • Timo, I’ve not been in touch this past month because I’ve been planning the launch of my new site, Wording Well. I also wanted to tell you that I have used a some of your productivity tips to help me become so darn productive lately!

    Naturally, I’ve been using my planner, too. *wink wink*

    Thank you so much for being helpful and awesome and for – well – for just being YOU.

    You rock!

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