PSD Video Tip #20: New Year’s Resolution Effect And How To Prevent It

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New year is coming and this time of the year people make resolutions and set different goals for themselves.

Unfortunately, many of these goals are worth nothing and people are not able to stick with them very long.

In order to stick with your goals in 2012, use these S.M.A.R.T strategies for better success. I have also included couple of additional tweaks I’m using myself when setting the goals for 2012.



Your next tasks:

1. Put this blog post into action!

  • Decide your goals for 2012 and write them down.
  • Use S.M.A.R.T to get to your goals
  • Try to choose a goal which has the biggest impact in your life in 2012

2. Share your experiences and tips on the comment area:

  • What is your #1 goal in 2012?

3. Spread the word:

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