Can You Make Big Changes in Your Life with Mini Habits?

Can You Make Big Changes in Your Life with Mini Habits?
Mini Habits Review

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Very often we dream of making big changes in our lives very quickly - whether it’s weight loss for 50 pounds, becoming a six-figure entrepreneur or running our first marathon under 3 hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these big goals. However, the problem is really the quickness that people expect to reach these big goals.


So …

  • If you are overweight, don't expect to lose 50 pounds (22.6 kg) in two weeks and make it a lasting change
  • If you are not making any in your business, don't expect to become a six-figure entrepreneur in a month
  • If you have never run a marathon and you don't even like running that much, don't expect to run 26.2 miles (42.2 km) under 3 hours with just three weeks of training

In addition, there is still something else that you have to do to reach these goals. Not only do you have to have a true desire to reach and take action on them but you also need to implement new habits that support your goals.

A very common approach is to change things in a big way very quickly. Unfortunately this can prevent you to reach your goals if you are not careful.

So rather than making big changes to reach those big goals, why not take a different approach instead?

Enter the Mini Habits

Getting Started with Mini Habits

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The basic idea behind Mini Habits (aff link) is to reach your goals, but instead of big steps, it’s done in small increments. That’s where the name - Mini Habits - comes from.

In its core, Mini Habits is designed to create lasting changes in your life without burning you out with too big changes at once.

Too often what happens is that we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and this causes us to operate on will-power only to reach the goals. Although this can work for a while, very soon we find ourselves at the starting point again.

Mini Habits, on the other hand, present a different way of implementing habits in your life. This different way ensures that you actually reach those goals at some point.

For instance,

    • Rather than aiming for 50 push-ups the next day, aim for 1
    • Rather than aiming to wake-up 5 am every morning and becoming an early riser, aim for waking up 5 minutes earlier for the next few weeks until you feel comfortable with that (and then wake-up 5 minutes earlier)
    • Rather than aiming for reading 20 pages every day, aim for reading 2 pages only

So now that you know what Mini Habits (aff link) is all about, let’s hop into the contents of the book.


Mini Habits Contents

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This book is divided into seven parts:

1. Introduction to Mini Habits

What a Mini Habit is and the author’s background story (see one push-up challenge)

2. How Your Brain Works

How our brains help us to create habits and what active and passive parts (conscious/sub-conscious) of the brain are.

3. Willpower vs. Motivation

Whether we should use willpower or motivation to create new habits.

4. The Strategy of Mini Habits

The core strategies behind Mini Habits and understanding the mindset behind it.

5. The Mini Habits Difference

Why Mini Habits are so unique.

6. Mini Habits - Eight Steps to Big Change

The steps to implement your Mini Habits in your life.

7. Eight Mini Habit Rules

The rules that help you to implement Mini Habits.

My Experiences of Mini Habits

Mini Habits experiences

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So far, I have started with the following habit:

  • Reading at least two pages / 1o minutes every day

Also, I’m in a process of starting at least three Mini Habits very soon:

  • Drinking two glasses of water per day (to form a water drinking habit)

  • Eat one carrot per day (to form a healthier eating habit)

  • Drinking only 3 cups of coffee per day before the noon (to improve my sleep)

These are just examples of my habits and naturally there are plenty of Mini Habits that you could implement in your life.

So far, it’s much easier to implement these habits since they require very little will power and they have very low entry points.

That’s also the main purpose of Mini Habits: Rather than aiming to say, read 1 hour every day, I make sure I at least reach my minimum goal for the day.

With the experience I have, this can help me build strong foundation for my new habits and I can eventually make the habits “bigger” when I feel comfortable.


I feel that Mini Habits (aff link) is a good way to build new habits in your life. Since the main idea is to do that by focusing on small steps, the success ratio is much higher that way.

The book is written well and the facts are well-researched. It was also refreshing to learn new information related to habits. This book also brought refreshing angles to conventional habit wisdom that you can find almost on any blog on the web.

One thing that I would have hoped for is a quick reference at the end of the book - giving the step-by-step action plan on how to implement the Mini Habits in your daily life.

Although this information is already explained in the book, the reference would have made it faster to implement and made it easier to remember the core concepts - rather than reading about them again from the book.

Anyway, this is a great book and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to create lasting changes in his/her life.

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  • Fantastic article, Tim. I agree with your views on this. All change starts first in the mind and then by taking little steps towards the change you want to make. If you’re consistent enough, you’ll eventually form a completely new habit and enjoy the rewards from the change made.


    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Ti!

      You are right. Small steps ensure that the habit actually sticks better than trying to make a change too big at once.


  • I found motivation and purpose a better solution for me than MH, but they are great for me to form a habit I have a little motivation for.
    I can understand how MH are great tools for those who have been struggling to develop a good habit time after time.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Michal!


      I think that forming new habits depends of the person and for some the Mini Habits approach might work better.


  • Very informative article. Great habits that anyone can practice, especially the MH(Mini Habits) written in a very structured way.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Joe!

      I’m publishing a podcast I did with Stephen Guise, so make sure to check it out next week.