PSD Video Tip #40: Using InstaPaper+Kindle and Fall In Love With Waiting

PSD Video Tip #40: Using InstaPaper+Kindle and Fall In Love With Waiting

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Don’t you just hate waiting? Especially when you are running errands, you’ll encounter situations when you just have to wait until it’s your turn to take care of your business.

But what if you figured a nice way to take advantage of your waiting times?

Well, with InstaPaper and Amazon Kindle you can do this very easily.

Check out the video and see what I mean. And don’t forget to share your own favorite tips for taking advantage of your waiting times!

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  • Video length: 05:45
  • Transcript: [spoiler]Hello, this is Timo from, and today I wanted to
    share with you a very quick and easy way of taking advantage of your
    waiting times. Now, unfortunately at times you will encounter waiting,
    whether it is when you are going to post office or when you are going to a
    bank, and instead of just sitting and waiting for your turn, you can very
    easily maximize that waiting time. In order to do that, we are going to use
    a service called Instapaper.Now, obviously, you need to register an account first before you can use
    Instapaper. But it’s a very simple and easy process, and after you have
    registered an account, you will sign in like this.What this service does is that it lets you save web pages for later
    reading. So, I don’t know about you, but every now and then my web browser
    is full of open tabs. And especially when I’m starting my web browser for
    the first time, it takes ages to load those open tabs. In most of the cases
    those open tabs contains some very cool web pages or blog posts that I have
    found around the Web, and well, I just haven’t had time to read and go
    through those posts so I’ll leave the tabs open on my browser. But a much
    nicer way to deal with this issue is that instead of having dozens of open
    browser tabs, after you have registered an account with Instapaper, you can
    save those pages for later reading.

    This is the front page of my personal Instapaper account. I have saved a
    couple of blog posts already, something that I want to go through at some
    point. You can very easily add new posts by entering the URL information
    and the title of the post and maybe writing a brief summary about the post

    Now, that’s obviously one way to do it. But a much easier and nicer way to
    do it is to use a browser extension, for instance in my case I am using
    Google Chrome. As you can see here that I have a Read Later button. So all
    I have to do is that when I sign in to Instapaper, I can just, you know,
    drag and drop this Read Later button to my Chrome navigation bar, and then
    it’s very easily accessible.

    For instance, if I find an article which I would like to read later, so all
    I have to do is to . . . well first of all I have to find the blog post or
    the article that I want to read, and then I’ll just click Read Later button
    like this, and boom, it’s saved to my Instapaper account.

    Now how is this going to help you with your waiting times if you are
    waiting your turn in a bank or in a post office? Well, the coolest thing
    with Instapaper is that you can actually download these pages that you have
    saved for later reading. You can actually save and export those pages for
    your mobile device.

    So, for instance, I have an Amazon Kindle device myself. So what I can do
    is that I can click Kindle link here on the right side of the page, and it
    is actually exporting all those pages that I have saved for later reading.
    When this export process is finished, I have the Amazon Kindle compatible
    file which I can then copy to my Amazon Kindle device. As you can see, this
    particular file was just generated, and this is the file which Amazon
    Kindle can then read. All I have to do is just to copy it to my Kindle, and
    whenever, for example, if I am going to a bank, I make sure that I have my
    Amazon Kindle with me. If I realize that I’ll have to wait for my turn, I
    just take my Amazon Kindle and start reading those blog posts that I have
    saved for later reading.

    So this is the tip that I wanted to tell you this time. I just love
    Instapaper. It’s a really great service, and I want you also to check it
    out as well. I hope that you found this video valuable and please share it
    on Twitter and on YouTube, and I will talk to you soon. Bye.[/spoiler]

  • Glen

    “Fall in Love With Waiting”. I really like that – it’s so true!
    I’ve been using this tip for quite a while and it works whether or not you have a Kindle. I’ll even read off of my smartphone when waiting. What’s important to realize is that there is absolutely no reason to be bored. Thanks for sharing this tip.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Glen!

      Yep, I agree with you!

      There is always something to do and those waiting times can be turned into highly productive ones very easily.


  • LOVE IT! Had never heard of Instapaper before and immediately signed up and added the app on my iphone as well. The subscription at $1 a month is well worth it. It adds a “send to kindle” function directly so it just saves you one more step… more productive =-D
    Thank you Timo

    • Timo Kiander


      Great to hear that this video was valuable :)

      I love InstaPaper too :)