PSD Video Tip #40: Using InstaPaper+Kindle and Fall In Love With Waiting

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Don’t you just hate waiting? Especially when you are running errands, you’ll encounter situations when you just have to wait until it’s your turn to take care of your business.

But what if you figured a nice way to take advantage of your waiting times?

Well, with InstaPaper and Amazon Kindle you can do this very easily.

Check out the video and see what I mean. And don’t forget to share your own favorite tips for taking advantage of your waiting times!

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  • Video length: 05:45
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  1. “Fall in Love With Waiting”. I really like that – it’s so true!
    I’ve been using this tip for quite a while and it works whether or not you have a Kindle. I’ll even read off of my smartphone when waiting. What’s important to realize is that there is absolutely no reason to be bored. Thanks for sharing this tip.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Glen!

      Yep, I agree with you!

      There is always something to do and those waiting times can be turned into highly productive ones very easily.


  2. LOVE IT! Had never heard of Instapaper before and immediately signed up and added the app on my iphone as well. The subscription at $1 a month is well worth it. It adds a “send to kindle” function directly so it just saves you one more step… more productive =-D
    Thank you Timo

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