How To Love The Day Job You Hate

I hate my day job  - what should I do?I have a day job, but my dream is to become a full-time online entrepreneur someday. At times, there have been rough moments with my motivation, when I didn’t like working at all.

In fact, I hated my work, but then I switched my thinking and this has helped me to change my attitude towards my work.

Although I’m building my online business on the side, I’m still having my day job. And in order to make my day job experience as smooth as possible, I have gathered some tips on how to cope with your day job – even if you hate it.

1.       Change your mindset

By changing my mindset, I have been able to move through rough times at the office world. In fact, I wrote about this mindset shift earlier this year on another blog post.

By changing my attitude from despising and complaining to gratitude, I have a whole different motivation to do my work.

Ok, so, I’m not in my dream job, but I do my work with professionalism and with my best ability, so that I can be proud of what I do.

It also means that I don’t want to let my colleagues down. If there is a task to be done, it is going to be done – in time.

By changing my attitude from despising and complaining to gratitude, I have a whole different motivation to do my work

2.       Find another position inside the company

Sometimes you might want to switch positions inside your company, if that is possible.

Changing your work description to meet better what you want may give you a huge boost of motivation and new opportunities that you have never imagined of.

3.       Define you purpose

The thing that will change your life forever is finding your purpose. In fact, I am very grateful that I have found mine. For clarifying my purpose, I have used Brad Swift’s training program for making this happen!

Once you find your direction you get a huge boost of motivation and excitement, because you now know how to channel your energy and to what things on your life to focus on.

You may be now asking: When I find my purpose and my passion, doesn’t that make it even harder for me to work on my day job (if the passion is not your job related)?

The way I see it, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because you are so thrilled about focusing on your passion only and nothing else.

No, because even if you are not passionate about your day job, you are at least aware that you have a plan to follow outside your working hours. Also, when you work on your passion on a daily basis and don’t quit, it is very possible that you can eventually turn it into a living.

Once you find your direction you get a huge boost of motivation and excitement

4.       Have a plan B

After I found my passion and took action to fulfill it, I stopped complaining. I like to call this action as plan B – knowing what you want out of your life.

What your plan B is depends of your situation. In my case it was a decision to start building my online business around my passion.

I know that it is a long journey until it becomes profitable. However, by knowing that I’m taking action outside my day job, it also changes my attitudes towards my day job too.

Even if you might hate your job, it becomes now clear that you are participating to a change, which will lead to a better life – if you are willing to be persistent and not quit your journey too soon.

By taking responsibility of your life, you change your role from passenger to driver. Once you realize this, you start focusing your energy to fulfilling your passion – instead of complaining.

Plan B – knowing what you want out of your life

5.       Visualize the outcome of your passion

When I found my passion, I started to visualize the life I have – being a proud owner of my online business.

Doing this helps you to keep on working on your plan B – even during those times when you feel that your motivation is slipping away.

Visualizing your outcome may not directly help you in your day job, but it helps you on your journey to fulfill your passion. This is important, so that you keep on working on it every day.

6.       Do you work as well as you can

It would be very easy for me to neglect my work if I hated my day job. However, my work is not only about me – it also reflects to other people inside my company too.

Even if I occasionally had hard times of finding motivation for my work, my principle has always been to do the work with the best quality I can. This ensures that I’m happy to myself and especially if my work has effects to my colleagues work, they are happy too.

7.       Appreciate your colleagues

One powerful resource you have at your disposal is your colleagues.

I’m grateful for my colleagues – not only because they are fun – but also because it is easier for me to manage on my work – even during the rough times.  Knowing that there may be others experiencing the same things as me helps me to go to work in time and do my work with my best ability.

Having mutual coffee breaks and talking about other things than work helps me to relax and laugh with them, thus pushing the work related matters into background – at least for a moment.

I’m grateful for my colleagues – not only because they are fun – but also because it is easier for me to manage on my work – even during the rough times.

8.       One day less…

Once you have a plan B, think that every day you go to you day job, it is one day less before you can throw yourself fully into your passion – full time.

Think of it as a victory after finishing yet another day in a job you don’t mind doing.

9.       Change your lifestyle and your habits

If there is something that has changed my life for the better and helped me to manage my work and my life, is the lifestyle change I did couple of years ago.

After started eating healthy and exercising, I have been full of energy and joy in my everyday life. However, not only did these changes made a big difference, also changing some habits of mine revolutionized my life.

Most importantly, becoming more productive and working on my passion right after I wake up have helped me to move towards my goals on a daily basis.

These habit changes are crucial, if you want to take your plan B and turn it to plan A (earning your living through your passion).

Habit changes are crucial, if you want to take your plan B and turn it to plan A


Living a life where you hate your day job but at the same time don’t seem to find any alternative work opportunities is very frustrating.

However, once you realize that you can take responsibility of your life, discover what you want from your life (and how to turn that into your living) and start taking action on it, your life gets a new meaning.

Also, feeling gratitude towards your day job is a game changer too. You look at your job from a different perspective – instead of just complaining about it.

This makes you to save your energy and helps you to channel it the right way: You can do your work with your best ability and you are willing to work on your plan b on a daily basis outside your work.

It’s your turn now!

  • How do you find your day job, do you love it or hate it?
  • What kinds of tips do you have for managing on your day job?

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About Timo Kiander

My name is Timo Kiander aka Productive Superdad.

I want to show you how to improve your productivity when working at home and find time for the fun stuff in your life!


  1. Timo: Great post and great list. I think changing your perspective is such great advice. You can choose to focus on all the reasons why your current job is not our dream job and make it more painful day after day. Or, you can choose to look at things from a much improved perspective and make you job much more pleasant. Its easy to overlook this, but such a good point. Thanks for sharing.

    • Timo Kiander says:


      Thank you :)

      Once I changed my mindset, I felt gratitude of having a day job.

      I learned to to appreciate my job – this helps me to do my work well on a daily basis.


  2. Hi, Timo. I love your point about gratitude, and it’s easier than usual to be grateful for your job and coworkers when unemployment is at 9%, right? I also agree about doing your best work. When I fell into a funk for a while and wanted to leave my day job but couldn’t yet, it occurred to me that if I put more into the job, rather than less, than maybe I’d feel better about it. It definitely worked.

    I’ve also made an effort to stay away from negative people in your workplace as much as possible. A lot of griping goes on in work settings, and it really doesn’t help morale! Making a point of finding a few people whose positive energy is naturally contagious and hanging out with them has helped me stay more upbeat too.

    • Timo Kiander says:


      I agree. Once I realized all the positive sides of my job, my negative feelings faded.

      Also, complaining is not useful and it is easy to join that discussion. Rather, try to find ways to improve things for the better.


  3. I recently quit a day job that I was not that happy at. When I decided to quit my job, my job became easier. When you know that there is an end in sight it is easier to go to work. When I had to getup and head to a job that I didn’t like, I dreaded Monday mornings and lived for the weekend. Your point number 8 talks about this and I agree whole heartedly.

    • Timo Kiander says:


      That is true.

      Once you realize that the current condition won’t last forever, it is much easier to go to work and cope with it for a little bit longer.


  4. Timo,

    Great advice here. When I work as an interim manager with companies I’m not constrained with the politics or organisational issues that an employee has, so I can see the frustrations which build up.

    Thanks, Matthew

    • Timo Kiander says:


      Nice to hear that you liked this post! Thanks :)

      The transition phase is the hardest. At the same time one has to realize that even if the day job may not be the dream one, it is still something one should appreciate.


  5. Hi Timo,
    You’ve really made some excellent points here. I was able to turn my last job from one I was completely burned out on (I’d had to lay off a ton of people that I had personally hired…) into one that I at least didn’t feel horrible about anymore. I think I used every one of your techniques. I changed the way I looked at the job and the whole situation. I had to make peace with the layoffs and my role in them (it was out of my hands, it was simply a political decision, not due to any wrong doing on our part, and all of the employees would be ok. They were, incidentally. I’m still in touch with many of them). I also started to construct my day differently. I took a bit more time for myself in the mornings, allowing me to get into a much better mood before starting on my stressful stuff. I didn’t let things get to me as much… It all came together and shifted my entire experience. I wish I’d known how do to that 20 years ago… Would’ve saved me a lot of pain in the ass job experiences…LOL.


    • Timo Kiander says:


      So nice to see you here :)

      It is really liberating to know that there is hope – once we take responsibility of your lives and start working on our Plan B.


  6. Super great post, Timo! I passed it along to a colleague. It really IS all about attitude!!!!

  7. Hi Timo,

    I am fortunate that I am doing something that I like in my day job currently, but since clarifying my purpose and discovering about my personal development passion, I have been struggling managing the efforts to be put into my day job and my part time exploits. I have not slacked in my job and am still giving my best in all the projects and work. But I am also finding all the free time in the world to devote to my part time online job. I guess, I have lost initiative in my day job that’s all.

    One way, I tackle this juggling act is to throw myself head first into projects of the day before moving on to my part time work. I must say that since the day I started this, I am finding it really exciting and purposeful doing many great things on a daily basis.


    • Timo Kiander says:


      I have the same thing going on – I’m building my online business, while having a day job, being an athlete and a family (which is about to grow soon by one person :).

      The way I have solved the scheduling is to have two sessions on a daily basis: two hours before going to work (I write blog posts or work on projects).

      In the evening I spend 1 hour on my business building activities (promoting and building relationships).

      This schedule seems to work – however, we’ll see what happens when our baby arrives … :)


  8. Another fantastic post, Timo!

    My favourite point is this one: “Do your work as well as you can”

    I occasionally find myself tempted to perform some tasks that I don’t like with less effort. However, the result is only that I like the task even less.
    On the other hand, when we put all our effort into a task even if we don’t like it, performing the task becomes much more worthwhile, fun, and perhaps even an opportunity to grow :)



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