PSD Podcast [PSDP 005]: Habits with Jonathan Milligan

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If you want to change your life, you have to change your habits as well.
In this interview with Jonathan Milligan, we talked about habits, how to form them and what are some great habits you should implement in your daily life.
Check out the interview as Jonathan has a lot of great information to share about this topic.
Also, please leave a comment and ask Jonathan a question regarding habits. He checks the comments and replies back to them as soon as they appear.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharpening the saw: Improve yourself physically, spriritually or mentally on a daily basis
  • Understand that whenever you are starting a new habit, there is always a internal resistance
  • Use implementation intentions to create new habits (see shownotes for more info)
  • “Your direction not your intentions helps you get into a destination”
  • You should know your “why” behind your habits
  • If you are doing habits long enough, you can feel the rewards
  • Get yourself an accountability partner
  • Implement an early morning walk habit


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