Expert Time Management Interview: Mind Mapping with Matt Tanguay

Matt Tanguay

If there is one productivity-enhancing technique that I haven’t utilized as much as I wanted and that is mind mapping.

Sure, I have done some basic mind mapping with pen and paper and I even have a MindMeister (aff-link) account , however, I haven’t been as active with mind mapping as I should have.

Well, I hope that this is changed now, because I recorded a very interesting interview with Matt Tanguay of Fluent Brain.

Matt is an expert when it comes to mind mapping and in fact, he answered many of my questions by using mind maps!

Anyway, check out the interview and let me know what you think!


  • Video length: 31:08

Interview Questions:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself (1:25)
  • Why should you learn about mind mapping and why is it beneficial for an entrepreneur? (06:49)
  • What about productivity, in which ways does mind mapping support your productivity? (12:01)
  • What are the steps to take when starting out with mind mapping? (14:41)
  • What functionality should you look for when selecting a mind mapping tool? (19:43)
  • How can mind mapping help you with organizing your blogging? Is it possible to utilize the power of mind mapping in this context? Could you show a demo of this? (22:34)
Key Takeaways:
  • Mind mapping is not for everyone
  • It’s a subset of visual thinking
  • Mind mapping is a great way to capture and organize information
  • A relevant way when developing/building something, like a project, a product, a service …
  • Mind mapping supports your productivity by improving your planning and developing something new (a project …)
    • It can even be used like a GTD-like productivity system
  • Starting out with mind mapping
    • Use colored pens and paper first if you are new to mind mapping (and learn the basics that way)
    • Draw simple pictures as well
    • Draw a central bubble and the sub-bubbles under around the main bubble and connect them with a line
    • Mind mapping on paper helps you to remember things better
    • Watch videos online to learn more
    • Learn by reading (Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast)
    • You can bend the rules and learn by experimenting
  • Mind mapping software (see the link on the show notes)
    • Xmind
    • MindMeister
    • MindManager
    • MindGenius
    • iMindMap
    • MindMaple
    • Novamind
  • Tool selection criteria
    • I should be able to export the map as PDF file
    • Floating topics support
    • Good control over the formatting (ability to set colors, text sizes …)
  • Use mind mapping for creating the structure for your posts
Transcription: Not yet available
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