Expert Time Management Interview: Hiring a Virtual Assistant With Chris Ducker of

Chris DuckerOutsourcing has been a hot topic for some time now and it still continues to be one, as more and more people are getting off the rat race and starting their own online businesses.

However, people will soon realize that building and running an online business means lots of work and doing everything by yourself becomes too stressful.

Virtual Assistants (VA) to the rescue! Yes, this very topic has been on the lips of masses ever since Tim Ferris came out with a book “The 4-Hour Workweek.”

Because VAs are in high demand, I wanted to talk with Chris Ducker about this very topic. He is running a successful outsourcing business in Philippines and I knew he would be the right guy to talk to.

So get your note taking equipment ready and put your thinking cap on: Would there be a demand for a VA in your business?

Make sure to leave a comment as Chris has promised to answer your questions related to this interview! 

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  • Video length: 33:54

Interview Questions:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself? (01:07)
  • When should a person hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)? (02:22)
  • What are the steps to take first when you get started with outsourcing? (08:04)
  • Do you think there are situations when a person shouldn’t hire a VA? (13:20)
  • How important it is to know about the cultural background of a VA? (16:46)
  • What are the most typical tasks a VA does? Also, are there any tasks that VAs won’t do? (20:51)
  • What types of virtual assistants are there and what is the salary range for them per month? Is it OK to pay “bonuses” for a work well done? (24:48)
  • What are the 3 important elements for having a successful and lasting “VA relationship”? (29:57)

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no right timing for hiring a VA
    • You hire someone when you start feeling overwhelmed
  • Outsource the right things:
    • You hire someone when you start feeling overwhelmed
    • The tasks you hate doing
    • The task you need to do, but you struggle with
  • The outsourcing exercise:
    • Have a piece of paper and divide it to three columns
    • In the first column, list the things you hate to do
    • In the second column, list the things you can’t do yourself
    • In the third column, list of the things you shouldn’t be doing as a business owner (accounting, writing copy …)
    • Start outsourcing the work you listed
    • Get project based help or hire a Virtual Assistant, for e.g through Virtual Staff Finder
  • You shouldn’t outsource your content (except when creating content for niche sites)
  • Cultural background of your VA:
    • How much you want to learn depends where you are outsourcing to
    • Also, it depends of the type of outsourcing you are doing
    • If it’s a full-time VA, then you should learn more about the background
    • However, if it’s project-based outsourcing or a part-time VA, the cultural background doesn’t matter
  • Typical tasks depend of the type of VA you hire
    • General VA
    • Content writer
    • Web developer
    • Graphic designer
    • Mobile app developers
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • There isn’t a super-VA that does everything
  • For general VA the salary is $500 / per month (on average)
  • You should pay bonuses for your VA
    • However, not necessary money
  • To be a great virtual boss:
    • Pay what you feel they are worth
    • Pay them on time
    • Just be a nice guy!

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