Expert Time Management Interview With An Entrepreneur: Michael “Nozbe” Sliwinski

Expert Time Management Interview With An Entrepreneur: Michael “Nozbe” Sliwinski

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I was pleased to talk with Michael “Nozbe” Sliwinski of

Michael is a dad, blogger, an entrepreneur, a productivity tool developer and an editor.

He shares his views of tools and systems in this cool interview I did with him.

  • Video length: 32:06

Interview Questions:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and where are you coming from? (00:48)
  • Is it necessary for an entrepreneur to use productivity tools to keep him/herself productive – or can he/she manage his/her day without them? (01:59)
  • What set of tools would you recommend for an online entrepreneur? What are your favorite ones? (05:19)
  • There are plenty of time management tools out there. Do you think that there are certain features that one should look for in a productivity application – when choosing one for everyday use? (09:20)
  • Do you think that time managment systems are incomplete without proper tools? Do tools complement systems or can the systems exist on their own? (16:12)
  • Your time management application is based on Getting Things Done (GTD)? Why did you originally choose GTD as your system and not some other system instead? (21:16)
  • What are some practical uses for a tablet (say iPad)? Can it replace your laptop? Also, tell us about your “iPad only” experiment. (25:27)
Key Takeaways:
  • Treat your brain as a place for creative thinking and store the information somewhere else
  • An iPad (or tablet in general) is beneficial for an online entrepreneur
  • Online entrepreneur toolbox – the setup Michael is using:
    • iCloud for syncronizing
    • Dropbox for data storage
    • EverNote for taking notes
    • Nozbe for project management
    • Gmail/Google Docs for e-mail and collaboration
    • Kindle for reading your PDFs
  • Selection criteria for time management tools:
    • Test drive for the first couple of weeks
    • Find out if the workflow in that app suits you – find a tool that supports your flow!
    • Keep using the tool long enough – don’t jump around from one tool to another!
    • Your tool should be selected based on the way you work; for e.g is it able to sync with devices or tools you already use, how does the collaboration work …
  • You don’t always need a time management system – you can even use an inbox to process all your documents through
  • Book recommendation: The Now Habit (aff link)
  • GTD is very straightforward system (Main concept: work happens in projects, contexts and in next actions)
  • iPads let you to work in a very focused way – one application open at a time
  • iPads are very portable – easy to take it with you and work where you want
Transcription: Not yet available