PSD Video Tip #32: Effective To Do List – What is your plan b?

PSD Video Tip #32: Effective To Do List – What is your plan b?

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When you plan your effective to do list for the next day, take some time to understand dependencies on other people or on external circumstances.

These dependencies may have a direct effect on how you are able to complete your task. However, if you haven’t given this a thought, you may find yourself wasting time with your tasks.

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Your next tasks:

1. Put this blog post into action!

  • Plan your tasks and find dependencies on other people or circumstances behind them
  • Figure out your plan B if you cannot work with your main task for some reason

2. Share your experiences on the comment area:

  • Are you aware of the external dependencies of your tasks when you plan your day?
  • Do you always have a second plan for your task, if the original plan does not work?

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  • Hi Timo,

    Building effective back-up plans separates many online winners from losers. Seriously, plan ahead.

    Life intervenes. Since life changes, your plans change too. Gotta change, gotta go with the flow, gotta be flexible. I learn this again, and again. Those who are flexible, do the best. Grow their team. Make money. Rigid people struggle like mad.

    I used to be so set in plans. After failing a lot, I changed this strategy, for good.

    Thanks for sharing Timo!

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Timo Kiander


      Thanks for stopping by :)

      I agree! Doing a bit of planning will save a lot of your time (even money and energy).

      A small time block you invested to planning will pay back the big time if the plan A fails.


  • Hi Timo. As a Program Manager in my day profession I know all about dependencies. So many people go throughout life not having a plan B and just hoping that their plan A works out.

    I have what I call a daily method of operation where I take care of daily tasks that must be done before continuing to work on the nest task and they are ranked. Dependencies are not outlined which I think this is something I can make more clear but you are absolutely right! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us in video format!

    • Timo Kiander


      Sure, thanks for stopping by :)

      I think that it is important to have a plan B. Otherwise there is a risk of wasting time and energy, if the plan A doesn’t work somehow.