10 Steps for Creating Product Reviews That Rock!

How to create product reviews that rock

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You’ve found a great product that you adore and think would benefit your audience. Writing a detailed and honest review should help them to also discover this product, and in turn love it (and you).

Unfortunately, too many people take shortcuts (just Google product name + review and you’ll see what I mean) and try to make a quick buck by recommending something that they haven’t even used themselves. This is a stupid and very short-sighted strategy.

Now, I know that you are not one of those people and you actually want to help your audience solve a problem, so here is a strategy worth considering with your next review post.

Why recommend a product or service?

Many bloggers do not do product reviews at all. However, I enjoy writing product reviews, and my motivation behind this is:

  • I want to save you money. This is probably the most important point for almost anyone buying training equipment. Nobody wants to buy a product or service that costs $100 if it doesn’t help them in any way.
  • I want to save you time. When I buy a product, I use it and then I review it. In doing so, I’m helping you decide whether or not to invest time into it. Nothing is more annoying than buying something that just ends up being a digital dust-catcher.
  • I want to add value for my readers. I want to help you see if the product gives anything new to your existing toolbox. When reading a review, if you notice that a product is intended for beginners but you’re already on an advanced skill level, this prevents you from investing your time and money into the wrong product/service.
  • I want to help you get results. If a product or service helps me get tangible results, I’m sure to recommend it so that you, too, can obtain them. For example, if Product X can help you to get 100 new subscribers per month to your email list, I’ll obviously mention it!

So how do you actually write that kick-butt product review?

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Simple! I try to implement at least the first seven items on the following list when writing reviews. The rest of the items are optional and you can decide if you want to implement them, case-by-case.

1. Get the product/service. Ok, this one seems self-explanatory. However, there are people who review products/services without actually using them.

2. Use the product/service. Experience the product or service yourself and see how well it works. Take notes while you do this. For instance, if you’re reviewing a training program, let people know what’s included in the product and what format the lessons are delivered in.

3. Pick points in sales letters and try to prove them. Take a look at the sales letter and compare it to the product/service itself. Can the product or service actually deliver those promises? If it doesn’t, make sure to mention it in your review post.

4. Show the results through a before/after. This is what most people are interested in: How well does the product or service work and what are your results? Tell them your starting point and then show your progress after using the product or service.

5. Offer your own bonuses. Once you have written your review, don’t stop there. Offer your own bonuses (checklists, infographics, mind maps, consulting calls, etc.) that support the product.

When I wrote my review of Write Like Freddy guest post training program, I offered my own report for anyone who purchased the product through my affiliate link.

6. Pick the pros and cons. Clearly state the pros and cons of the product or service – especially the cons.

Too often, we get too close with the product/service or know the author well and tend to underestimate the cons. Remember, sometimes the latter could be the very fact which helps a person not to choose the product/service, thus saving his/her time and money.

7. Share the results with the author. Once you have written your review, share it with the author. Most likely, he/she will want to promote it further (see The Poster Child formula at the end of the article) and you will get more attention to your review. Hopefully, this will also mean more clicks through your affiliate link.

8. OPTIONAL: Give them a tour. Record a video showing the readers what’s inside the product or service. This helps them to understand the product/service a bit better before purchasing it.

9. OPTIONAL: Show screenshots if necessary. This is like point #8, but with screenshots. Illustrate your review with supporting screenshots to make it more compelling.

10. OPTIONAL: Interview the author. After using the product, why not interview the author? This adds more value to the review and, in fact, I haven’t seen too many people using it, which will give the review a unique angle.

For instance, when I did my first podcast episode, I did exactly this: I bought a product about podcasting, reviewed it, created my first podcast with the help of that product, and finally interviewed the author.


Don’t take shortcuts when product/service reviews are concerned. Make sure to spend enough time with it so that you understand whether or not the product/service is capable of bringing you and your audience results.

When you are helpful, honest, and transparent with your reviews, it helps to build confidence with your followers.

You’ve found a great product that you adore and think would benefit your audience. Writing a detailed and honest review should help them to also discover this product, and in turn love it (and you).

  • Hi Timo,

    I only promote what I use, and love ;) Great tips, especially the note about plus-es and minus-es. Be honest, and fair in reviewing products to gain your audience’s trust. Thanks!

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Ryan!

      Thank you – great to hear you liked the article!


  • Hi Timo,
    This is a very comprehensive post on how to do a product review. The one point that stands out to me is #10 Interviewing the Author or Maker of the product.
    I review products that I use, love and get a ton of value out of. I like your style, Timo.
    Good post and thanks for the tips.

    • Timo Kiander

      Thank you Geri!

      I think that interviewing gives additional depth to the review.

      It’s always interesting to learn who is behind a product and what he/she tries to accomplish with his/her product or service.


  • Hello Timo !!

    Amazing content, very helpful. Just like Ryan said, it is good to be fair and truthful when writing a review of any product.. It could cost you a lot if your review says different from what they product offers !!

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Simon!

      Yes, that’s absolutely true!


  • Sure Timo, It is important to use a product before writing any review about it. If possible use it more than one time since you would have experienced it more and in a better way. This can help any person to make a really good product review.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Fredy!

      That’s a good point.

      In order to get a realistic experiences of the product, keep using it for some time.


  • Great tips. Now I know how to write stellar product reviews.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hi Mike!

      That’s great!