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Productive Superdad is Coming Back!

After spending a couple of months quiet on the online front, I’m about to start blogging and publishing books again. However, instead of continuing with Smart Productive Work site, I have decided to bring the old Productive Superdad back!

So opt-in to the wait list and be first to know when I relaunch the site!

In addition to getting the notification, I’ll also give you something you will not get anywhere else: version 2.0 of the popular Work Smarter Not Harder book! It contains 28 additional tips to boost your workday performance.

Version 1.0 of this book has been one of the most downloaded titles on Amazon (Top-100 Free Downloads, Time Management category). At the time of the screenshot, it was number three on the list:


Anyway, opt-in to be the first to know when Productive Superdad goes live and get the Work Smarter Not Harder 2.0 for free as soon as it’s ready (it should be ready in the next couple of weeks).

Timo aka Productive Superdad