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Can You Make Big Changes in Your Life with Mini Habits?

Mini Habits Review

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Very often we dream of making big changes in our lives very quickly - whether it’s weight loss for 50 pounds, becoming a six-figure entrepreneur or running our first marathon under 3 hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these big goals. However, the problem is really the quickness that people expect to reach these big goals.

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Is This the Best Way To Beat Stress and Boost Success?

  Internet is full of advice on time management and productivity. In fact, there are many paid e-books available on this topic. Beat Stress, Boost Success is yet another one that teaches us about productivity and it is written by a time management coach Lucas Kleinschmitt of German Efficiency. However, this isn’t a “5 tips to make you more productive” type of quick tutorial – rather, a hefty 213 page e-book on personal productivity instead! The sales letter promises: “In Beat … [Read more...]

Book review: Find Your Focus Zone (by Lucy Jo Palladino)

Learning how to focus on your tasks is an essential skill. However, this is easier said than done. There are many distractions out there that endanger our focusing efforts. When we get distracted, our productivity drops. There has to be a solution for learning how to focus better on your tasks and I’m happy to say that this book may be the answer! There are many levels of focus. For example, you can do it on a high level (your goals, your purpose). Then there is the smaller level focus, … [Read more...]

Book review: The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea (Bob Burg and John David Mann)

Many things in this world are counter-intuitive. We may have a certain opinion of those things and how they work. Also, we may never realize, if there is another side of them instead – not just the one we have imagined. Get The Go Giver Here: The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea This is a shame, because this would enable us to learn new valuable lessons of life and even make our lives better. Enter the Go-Giver. This is a book of one perception, which many people … [Read more...]

Book review: The Slight Edge (by Jeff Olson)

Many things happen in our lives quietly on the background. Those things don’t make any big noise or fuzz about themselves – until someday the results are visible. One example of this (mentioned in the book) is the water hyacinth. It lives in a pond and rarely anyone notices it at first, until a month later, the pond is covered by water hyacinths. Another example would be from my own life from last fall. I was determined to finish my first free report to my upcoming squeeze page. I … [Read more...]