The Ultimate Guide to Deal with Stress at New Job

The Ultimate Guide to Stress

Getting a new job is a wonderful thing, but once an initial excitement passes, the anxiety and nerves might take its place. This is completely normal – actually, it would be surprising if you weren’t stressed out; however, this doesn’t make it easier for many of us.

Coping with the stress while trying to handle all your new responsibilities and make friends with your new colleagues can be exhausting. It could affect the quality of your work too.

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5 Simple Ways to Find Work-Life Balance If You Are Working from Home

Admit it. If you are working from home, chances are that you are struggling a lot.

Well, you might not actually struggle with anything in particular, but you could be struggling with almost everything.

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Ditch Your Alarm Clock: Get Up Earlier, Feel Better, and Become More Productive

get up earlier become more productive

I used to be an early riser. I would get up at 5 am by waking up to the gruelling sound of an alarm. I would then get up and start my day.

I was up before others, and I was productive. However, there was a downside to this...

When the afternoon would hit, I was feeling like a zombie; I could barely keep my eyes open, and doing my work (I was a web developer at that time) was almost impossible.

Eventually, I got fed up with this lifestyle, being chronically sleep-deprived, unable to focus on the tasks at hand, and just generally feeling bad.

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So You Think Procrastination Is Bad? Read This and You Just Might Change Your Mind

This is a guest post by Niraj Ranjan.

Everyone these days is talking about how to kick procrastination’s butt and eliminate it forever from a person’s life, and not too surprisingly, you often see it come back to knock at your door, yet again.

A better approach, I think, is to accept that procrastination is a common phenomenon, which most people face at some point or the other - accept procrastination, accommodate it and take advantage of it even.

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Your To-Do List Is Destroying Your Productivity — Here’s How To Fix It

This is a guest post by Benjamin Brandall.

What’s to blame when you can’t hit to-do list zero? It’s not that you have too much to do, or not enough time — you’re getting in your own way.

By day (and most of the night), I run the Process Street blog. That doesn’t just mean writing articles. It’s reviewing submissions, editing posts and talking to journalists. It’s writing landing page copy, podcast show notes and emails to our subscribers. On top of that, unfortunately, I have a personal life.

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