PSD Video Tip #41: Play With Your Kids (And Avoid The Afternoon Slump!)

PSD Video Tip #41: Play With Your Kids (And Avoid The Afternoon Slump!)

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I got the topic for today’s video from Yvonne Root.

Feeling tired? What about some physical activity – like playing with your kids?

Try it yourself and see if it makes you feel any better!

Take a minute and let us know (on the comment area) how you beat the afternoon slump.

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Shownotes and resources:

  • Video length: 01:38
  • Yvonne’s (@journalinabox) blog: Journal In a Box
  • Transcript: [spoiler]Hello, this is Timo of Today’s topic is play with
    your kids and avoid the afternoon slump. Now this is a very, very, very
    common situation. You eat a lunch and then maybe an hour later you start to
    feel very tired. Obviously, one of the great ways to deal with the
    situation is to take a power nap. But what if you do not have a chance to
    take a power nap? Is there something else that you can do about the
    situation?Well, it turns out that some physical activity is a great way to put the
    tiredness on the background, and this is actually a tip that I got from a
    reader of mine in Bonn. She basically mentioned about playing with her
    grandchildren, and I didn’t realize that playing with your kids, that’s a
    great physical activity.

    You get to relax and have some physical activity, and you are able to get
    your mind off the work. At the same time, you are able to put that
    tiredness on the background. So if you do not have a chance to take a power
    nap, if you are working from home, your kids are staying at home, so why
    not play with your kids and feel more energized and alert that way?

    Anyway, this is the tip that I wanted to share with you this time. I truly
    hope that you found this tip valuable. Please share this information on
    Twitter and I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye.[/spoiler]

  • What’s up Timo :).

    I don’t have kids but this gets me thinking of different things I can do. I think the key here is physical activity. For me, I have noticed that if I step out and take a walk it makes a huge difference.

    I think the key above all else is that I do something – that is active and allows my mind to escape.

    Powerful stuff man.

    • Timo Kiander

      Hey Izzy!

      I agree; the physical activity is the key.

      It’s a great way to eliminate the tiredness and feel alert again :)