How Productive Superdad helps people working at home to improve their productivity and live balanced lifestyle?

About Us

As a busy person, you know that there’s so much you would like to do, yet the minutes and hours seem to fly by too fast.Timo_Run
In order to become more productive, you need to learn from someone who is able to keep all the wheels rolling – even in a situation like this:

  • I have a family
  • I’m building my online business (full-time since 2013)
  • I have very time-consuming hobbies (I’m a marathoner and a triathlete, although I’m on a sabbatical for 2014)

Your life may not be that hectic, but I’m sure you still understand what I’m talking about: There is so much to do in a day, but only 24 hours to do it. However, time management is more than learning about the latest productivity techniques. It’s about obtaining a certain mindset.

In fact, your mindset plays a crucial part in improving your productivity and managing your time; it enables you to focus on essential matters like family or doing your work in the most productive manner.

So how do I teach this stuff?

I consume quite a bit of time management literature (plus videos and podcasts), learn the techniques, test them, and apply them to an online entrepreneur’s life. This knowledge is accessible through my blog by using text, audio, or video.
This way, you get direct access to my knowledge without having to purchase books or waste your time watching videos.

I also train entrepreneurs and information workers on how to make their daily lives more productive. Additionally, I’ve written a book about online business productivity which you can download for free.

What others are saying about me

There is nobody else like Timo in the blog world. You see a ton of ‘gurus’ out there that tout a 4-hour workweek lifestyle where you get to work and live on a beach. Well, that’s great for some guys, but most ‘real’ guys love being husbands and fathers. Timo shows you how to not manage time in your work, but how to maximize time with family – and that is what’s most important in life.”

~Dean Soto, President, Pro Sulum LLC

“Timo’s blog is one of my absolute favourite time management resources – always extremely useful, always to the point, always giving great examples, and always making it really easy to implement what you have learned!”

~Lucas Kleinschmitt, German Efficiency

“Being a healthcare professional and building a home business ‘on the side’ means that managing my time and maximizing my productivity is essential. I look for resources online that can help me in these areas, and Timo’s blog is on my Required Reading List. His free report with 222 Productivity Tips changed the way I budget time for my business and has improved my productivity dramatically. Grab that report while he’s still giving it away!”

~Dr. Bob Clarke,

There is always something new to learn from Timo! I never imagined that lifestyle differences were so huge between people. With his unique experience, he’s able to help countless dads all around the globe with a significant twist on productivity. His approach is refreshing and inspirational – not only for dads, but for every professional who has a busy schedule. He is covering more than just the work part of your life; he’s striking the very core of the much-needed balance in our lives.

I always come back to his blog in my Reeder for a fresh source of inspiration and motivation. Definitively a website worthy of mention and recommendation!

~Bojan Djordjevic,

Who am I?

My name is Timo Kiander. I’m in my forties and live in Finland where I’m married to a beautiful woman named Leena. We have one child, a son named Aaro. I live a busy lifestyle, balancing family, sports, and building this blog.


Even though my life is quite hectic, I’m grateful because this helps me to test the time management techniques I have learned and see if they work in real life.

I’m very happy that I can pursue my passion for time management and teach you what I have learned, thus helping you to improve the quality of your life.

My writing, however, isn’t found just on my blog. I have been featured or mentioned in many places, including the following blogs and magazines:

  • Time Management Magazine
  • Productive! Magazine
  • Evan Carmichael’s Top 50 Productivity Blogs
  • Alltop
  • LifeHacker
  • Think Traffic
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • ProBlogger
  • Forbes
  • LifeHack
  • Kikolani
  • Firepole Marketing
  • Virtual Business Lifestyle
  • Dumb Little Man
  • Famous Bloggers
  • Life Optimizer
  • Work Awesome
  • Day-Timer Blog
  • Change Your Thoughts
  • Tiny Buddha
  • Bob and Rosemary Clarke
  • We Build Your Blog
  • Pick the Brain

In addition, I have been featured on more traditional media like radio, television, and newspaper, including sources such as:

  • YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company, TV and radio)
  • Imatralainen (local newspaper)
  • Uutisvuoksi (local newspaper)