4 reasons why you should appreciate your day job – even if you hate it

appreciate your jobI think that many of you reading this blog are in the same situation than I am; we are doing blogging and internet marketing activities outside 9 to 5, on our free time.

For many people this is hard. We are building our own future in our limited free time and simultaneously there are many other requirements as well. We have families, hobbies and other activities that need our attention.

You may feel that the day job you have is just a burden and it is slowing you down when you are working your way towards full-time online  career.

Although many of you may hate your day job, there are some reasons, why you should appreciate it instead. This makes the transition from your day job to a full-time internet marketer/blogger so much easier, because you are not focusing on negative things.

1. You have a certain lifestyle because of your job

I’m living quite comfortable because of my day job. I can buy new clothes, I have a pretty new home and I can travel with my wife if I want.

My salary has provided me all these things. I know that if I now quit my job, my life would look very different.

2. You might learn something that is useful in your blogging or marketing career

This depends of your job of course, but in some cases you can learn from your day job and apply those experiences (or skills even) to your own online career.

For example, I have been working in a project, which involves communicating in English language every day. Because of that, my English-speaking skills have improved quite a bit. Also, I’m not that afraid to talk on the phone using English language as I was before, so I have been able to overcome that barrier.

English language is the number one language in blogging and internet marketing (at least for me), so talking on the phone have definitely been a good thing. My spoken English has become better because of that.

3. Your online training and hosting is paid by your salary

Although I mentioned about enjoying a certain lifestyle in reason #1, I still wanted to emphasize the benefit of the monthly salary that I get paid in a different context.

Because my monthly salary, I’m able to educate myself with all the different online trainings out there. I know that it would be impossible for me to invest into my education without using some money and thanks to my day job it is paying my training indirectly as well.

Same goes for running this blog. Because of my current financial situation, I was able to purchase the web hosting for this blog and also the theme that I’m using right now, Thesis Theme Blogskin and the Thesis Theme Framework as well.

4. Other additional benefits

There are plenty of other benefits that we can thank for our day jobs as well. These benefits are of course something that depends of your work.

For example, because of my job, I get my home internet access free. Same goes for my mobile phone expenses. When you think of it, those two alone are quite big benefits financially.


It is very easy to hate your day job. However, as soon as you realize that your salary is providing you many nice things, you start to think differently.

I’m not saying that you should quit working on your goals outside the office hours. I’m just saying that the transition time from your day job to a full-time internet marketer or blogger becomes so much easier because of changing the way you think towards your job.

There are already many obstacles on our online journeys, especially when we start out, so if there is a way to make it a little bit smoother, the better.

Do you appreciate your day job? Is it bringing you some benefits, that you can take advantage of in your part-time IM/blogging activities? Let me know in the comment area.



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