101 Tips For Becoming A Productivity Superstar – The E-book!

how to improve productivityIn May, 2011, I published a post called 101 Tips For Becoming A Productivity Superstar. It was the longest post I had ever written (over 10 000 words) and it became the most popular one of my posts published so far (when looking at the comments and Tweets).

Quite soon I got a comment saying, I should turn this post into an e-book format (Thanks Graham!). I pondered about the idea for a while and understood that this would be a good thing to do.

So, without any further ado, here is the e-book version of my post “101 Tips For Becoming A Productivity Superstar”.

I kept the format almost the same as in the blog post. However, on certain parts of this e-book, I decided to link to other posts on my blog that are related to a certain tip I’m discussing about. Hopefully in that way, you get more ideas on how to improve your productivity even further.

I hope that you like the e-book and please leave me comments and feedback about it. I’m looking forward to improve the version 1.0 even further :)

Download the e-book version here:

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