7 Unproductive Habits of Highly Ineffective Online Entrepreneurs

Unproductive habits

Please note: This post is much longer than what I thought it would be (over 2400 words). Still, it’s a message that every online entrepreneur has to understand, in order to get the results they are looking for. Habits define our lives and also how successful we are. Some of the habits are good ones and we should definitely continue doing them (exercising, eating healthy…) while others are far from optimum. It’s utmost important that any online entrepreneur should watch out for these … [Read more...]

Staying true to your vision and a black horse

Vision and mission

This story is about how I almost got off-track and why I had difficulties of seeing my already-defined vision. This is also an example of distraction and how to deal with it in your online business. I wrote about this topic already back in 2013, but now is the time for update (and a change of opinion). I have been involved with web design and development for almost 20 years - on my free time and as a professional. I have coded applications and designed web sites. Lately I have been more … [Read more...]

Step-by-Step Blueprint To Writing Powerful Blog Posts In Under 2 Hours


This is a guest post by Kosio Angelov. Ever feel like it takes just too long to write a good blog post? When you first start writing, you are fueled by passion (and lots of caffeine) to share your thoughts and change the world. Your writing flows and you create magnificent content in no time. But what about the 10th post? Or the 50th? Doesn't it take a little... too long? Sure, you get a really good idea every now and then and you bang out an epic post in record time... but those … [Read more...]

Online Business Productivity: March Link Roundup

Online Business Productivity - Monthly Roundup

It’s time for yet another link round up. This time I have compiled a list of 29 links to various online business productivity articles around the web. I gotta warn you (in a positive way): Some of these posts are pretty monstrous (by size), so take your time when you decide to go through them. Anyway, I hope that you find these links valuable. I’m already on my way to compile the next round-up as we speak :) Generic Productivity How Millionaires Manage Their Time (Michael Hyatt) The … [Read more...]

Using the PSD Rule to Reach your Online Business Goals in 2014

reaching your goals

Many of us set goals for this year on New Year’s Eve with high hopes of making 2014 the year the best ever! But let me ask you - have you moved forward with your goals? Do you still believe that you are going to reach your goals this year? Or is the situation completely opposite – have you already realized that you have set your goals too high and will be unable to commit to them fully? Or have you lost your motivation towards your goals altogether and are giving up? If you are facing the … [Read more...]

Have you Hired a VA Without Knowing It? (and 7 things to do next)?

e-mail autoresponder

When it comes to hiring a virtual assistant (VA), people might present the following arguments against it: It’s expensive and you can’t afford it. It’s difficult to hand over the control of your work to someone else. You don’t have enough work to justify hiring a VA. This post, however, was not written to tell you about the benefits of VAs, why you should have them, or why letting go of your work is easier than you might think. Rather, this post is about how you might … [Read more...]

Online Business Productivity: February Link Roundup

Online Business Productivity - Monthly Roundup

It’s already February - can you believe that? Anyway, here is the new roundup for you! This time I have listed 40 links that can help you to improve your online business productivity  (blogging, list building, information products  …). Let me know if you have links that you’d like to see on this list next month. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll take a look at the link. Generic productivity: Healthy Office Snacks - Improving Productivity (Jane Sheeba) Sure, donuts taste … [Read more...]