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  • The one thing Chris Ducker stopped doing and why that shot his productivity through the roof
  • What are your "big rocks" and why they're the foundation of productivity (Danny Iny)

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Online Business Productivity: July Link Round-up

Welcome to the July edition of Online Business Productivity Link Round-up.

This post features plenty of awesome links to various online business productivity resources.

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PSD Podcast [PSDP 006]: Boost Your Email (Gmail) Productivity with Kosio Angelov

Productive Superdad Podcast

Email is one of the most important tools for communicating with others. Although it’s a very effective tool, it’s also a great source for distraction, non-productivity, and overwhelming stress.

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30 Day Productivity Challenge – Did eating smoothies for breakfast made me more productive?

30 Day Productivity Challenge

Image credit: terriseesthings

I have wanted to make a change my diet for some time now, mainly due to the fact that I have been eating way too much sugar and too many carbs on a daily basis.

That’s why I was thrilled to stumble upon a free online training (sorry, in Finnish only) about changing your eating habits and integrating weight-exercising into your daily life.

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Online Business Productivity: June Link Roundup

​Welcome to the June edition of Online Business Productivity Link Roundup. I have compiled a list of 27 links that are all worth reading and implementing in your own online business.

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14 Essential Steps for Taking Action Now!

Are you struggling with loads of tasks on your list? Are you overwhelmed with distractions coming to you both online and offline? Would you like a chance to move forward with that project which you’re sure will add to your bottom line? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, I have some good news for you! In this post, I present a simple system you can use in your own life to get the results you want and move closer to your goals. Let’s call this small system… Take Action Now! … [Read more...]

10 Steps for Creating Product Reviews That Rock!

​Image source: Leo ReynoldsYou’ve found a great product that you adore and think would benefit your audience. Writing a detailed and honest review should help them to also discover this product, and in turn love it (and you). Unfortunately, too many people take shortcuts (just Google product name + review and you’ll see what I mean) and try to make a quick buck by recommending something that they haven’t even used themselves. This is a stupid and very short-sighted strategy. Now, I know that … [Read more...]