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9 Work-Life Balance Tips for Busy Parents [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are a parent, you have probably a lot of things you have to manage at the same time: taking care of the kids, spending time with your family, spending time with yourself and earning a living (either by working for someone else, by building your own business or even, by doing the both!).

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Consistency: The Real Fastlane to Success and Productivity

Photo Credit: Yandle via Compfight cc

This is a guest post by Michal Stawicki.

Persistence is the prerequisite of results, hence the prerequisite of productivity. Only lasting results matter in the long run and you are here for the long run, years, and decades. Developing persistence is your shortcut to success. The raw meaning of success is that consistent action, is superior to intermittent action in every aspect.

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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Procrastination (+ a Book You Might Find Interesting …)

Photo Credit: Cristian Ştefănescu via Compfight cc

Ok, so this is a productivity blog and it may sound ridiculous if someone says that procrastination can make you more productive.

When you look at procrastination from a traditional point of view, it is indeed something you want to fight against.

However, there is another side to procrastination and it can actually help you in your everyday work. So check out these four tips on how you can turn procrastination from an enemy into an ally.

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The Five Cardinal Rules of Email Productivity

photo credit: clare_and_ben via photopin cc

Email doesn't have to be a monster, but it often is. Many of the problems with email can be averted, though, by following a few simple rules.

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How to Plan A Productive Workspace [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How to create a productive workspace ... let the infographic do the speaking.

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Can You Become More Productive (and Successful) with Successful By Design?

Successful by Design review

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I remember the first productivity video course I took back in 2009. Even through the course a was a pricey one, I still enjoyed the training and it helped me to understand many productivity principles.

Fast forward to the year 2014: there are plenty of other online productivity trainings out there. However, the product that Im now reviewing is the second one I have ever seen in a video format.

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