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Work-at-Home Productivity: September Link Round-up

work-at-home productivity

Welcome to the September edition of Work-at-Home Productivity Link Round-up.

This post features plenty of awesome links to various productivity resources on the Web so enjoy!

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30-Day Productivity Challenge: Is It Possible to Manage My E-mail with One-Touch Rule (OTR)?

Check your e-mail with One-Touch Rule

Photo Credit: mrjoro via Compfight cc

My e-mail usage got pretty much out of hand when I got my first smartphone. All of a sudden my inbox was available with a single tap of a button and I was checking my e-mail whenever possible.

At some point I realized that checking my e-mail this way was pretty silly, so I started to figure out a more effective e-mail routine.

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Can You Make Big Changes in Your Life with Mini Habits?

Mini Habits Review

Photo Credit: Brian Smithson (Old Geordie) via Compfight cc

Very often we dream of making big changes in our lives very quickly - whether it’s weight loss for 50 pounds, becoming a six-figure entrepreneur or running our first marathon under 3 hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these big goals. However, the problem is really the quickness that people expect to reach these big goals.

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Online Business Productivity: July Link Round-up

Welcome to the July edition of Online Business Productivity Link Round-up.

This post features plenty of awesome links to various online business productivity resources.

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PSD Podcast [PSDP 006]: Boost Your Email (Gmail) Productivity with Kosio Angelov

Email is one of the most important tools for communicating with others. Although it’s a very effective tool, it’s also a great source for distraction, non-productivity, and overwhelming stress.

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30 Day Productivity Challenge – Did eating smoothies for breakfast made me more productive?

30 Day Productivity Challenge

Image credit: terriseesthings

I have wanted to make a change my diet for some time now, mainly due to the fact that I have been eating way too much sugar and too many carbs on a daily basis.

That’s why I was thrilled to stumble upon a free online training (sorry, in Finnish only) about changing your eating habits and integrating weight-exercising into your daily life.

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