[INFOGRAPHIC] 20 Ways to Boost Your Energy

If you find yourself feeling ready for a nap after lunch, you are not alone.

The post-lunch dip affects people throughout the world. And while some of us have the luxury of actually taking a nap, others are stuck at work, where a nap isn't an option. So, unfortunately we turn to sugary energy drinks or over-indulge in coffee to get by.

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How a Busy Dad Found Time for Reading and Meditation

You wanted your life to be simpler:

You wanted to sip your morning coffee in peace while browsing the morning paper. Then, you’d go to work without hurries, and get back home around 5pm, sometimes even earlier. In the evening, you would spend time with your family, or by working on your personal projects.

Your wants sound reasonable, but there is one huge problem:

You are in a “busy mode” all the time.

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The Ultimate Guide to Deal with Stress at New Job

Getting a new job is a wonderful thing, but once an initial excitement passes, the anxiety and nerves might take its place. This is completely normal – actually, it would be surprising if you weren’t stressed out; however, this doesn’t make it easier for many of us.

Coping with the stress while trying to handle all your new responsibilities and make friends with your new colleagues can be exhausting. It could affect the quality of your work too.

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